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Can you make some linux builds for your games please? Can't exactly play them as a linux user here.

The developer is a really nice guy,  he interacts with his community a lot. Other developers could take note about how to be as cool of a dude as he is. 

Can we have a linux build please?

Can we get a linux build please?

Linux Build?

I like it, its nice. I wish i could adjust mouse sensitivity tho.

Wish i could sprint so i could zoom around the library.

A great way to test if vulkan drivers are working on linux!

Ran well as shown here: 

Controls were a little confusing, you'd usually expext CTRL to be down and SHIFT to be speed up but nethertheless easy to navigate. Not really much to focus on besides this, might have wanted to see a little more detail on the castle though. In any case this sucessfuly enertained 60 seconds of my life, thank you.