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Oh nooo they are both so cute D: it will be hard to decide

Yup it doesn't mean the end! and maybe time will help me improve Ascension! who knows <3

Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed our game so far, it means a lot to hear that 

it was super delightful to see your LP (and how you gave Khepri an old man's voice ahahah <3 )

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Thanks so much for playing and leaving a rating! :) Marigold's development is done, but if you're interested I have another game ( still a work in progress, but a demo is out) that has more characters i

Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed playing Marigold I enjoyed watching your playthrough <3

waa thank you!! Im glad you enjoyed playing Ascension <3

Haha but atleast the cliff hanger was insteresting :3c

thank you! Glad you had fun playing :D

Heya Soul!!

Thats interesting to hear about the first ending being the one you consider as the "true" one! I'm quite fond of the unexpected response ending haha.

Oh? That sounds interesting! I excited to hear about your next game once you're going to start revealing it in the server (unless i missed the convos about it) And yes! I have an idea for another game set in the same timeline or universe as Marigold, but it's still an idea so far.

Thanks! :3

Thank you for letting me know!! <3

I'm glad to hear that you look forward for more games from me!

I'm glad to hear!

Hello Jacek, I'm glad you're enjoying my game so far! Thanks for the heads up regarding linux.

That's odd, the 3 available endings should have their ending cards shown. Which path's card isn't showing?

oh man, I originally wanted incorporate one jumpscare! but I wasn't sure how to go about it in the program.