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Very very short game... but nice ;)

Nice game! I kept the sock to bring it to my home ;)

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Too much fun. I spent long minutes gathering some clues... before attempting the exit. Thank you! I return into the room to find other funny things ;)

Nice :)

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Lovely! A very nice game, smart and pretty designed.  Unfortunately, your Android games are not available in Europe :( I follow you on Twitter but I am always disappointed because I can not play your games...

Very nice, thank you!

Nice game, short but smart. Thanks !

I had the same issue, but it is not so dramatic ;)
By the way, I had another bug, once I have obtained the battery with the girafe and saved the game, the girafe was here, the battery not, and making the same operation, I obtain first the piece of the code and, then the battery... 👀

Your work is very good, a smart gameplay, a very nice design, high level puzzles, you are one of the best escape game authors of the moment.

I looooove it! Thank you for this amazing game! I hope solve it this week ;)

Very nice and very smart game! I loved it. Thank you!

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Collectables...Nice game, not too hard. The next challenge: get ⭐⭐⭐ on each level... and find all the collectables ;)

Very fun, very... addictive! Thanks :)

You are welcome :)

You can see my video walkthrough;)

Very nice! Graphism is cool, gameplay is smart... I love it :)

I love it! Not very easy to play, but funny!


When can we play it

It seems nice!

Very nice design... it would be great if we could configure the keys to move, because in France, we use the AZERTY keyboard and your configuration is not easy for us... It would be better to use the arrow keys.

Original, agradable, una maravilla. Demasiado corta, la muestra... Un poco demasiado hablador, pero el dibujo es muy bonito y las misiones originales. ¡A ver el juego terminado!

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Thanks! I will check it and try to find the hidden achievement...

It is okay now. No more bug ;)

This is the video with all the achievements!

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No change. It works with Firefox but I get the bug with Chrome.

BTW, with the private mode, it works... When I played the game at first, it was with Chrome (my video was made on it).

Another player has experimented the same issue (see

Very nice! I still searching for the Hidden achievement...

By the way, I get an error now loading the game:

Yes, you got it! Nice realisation!

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I like it!
It is like Bart Bonte’s FactoryBalls ;)

Done! Thank you, Mateusz and I wish you an Happy New Year!

A very immersive game with a lifetime very interesting. I love it!

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Merci pour ce petit cadeau ! Si l'on n'est pas au courant, impossible de le découvrir par hasard... et bonne continuation dans tes activités (jeux ou autres). Encore merci pour cet agréable (enfin, perturbant serait plus indiqué) moment !

Bon... j’ai tiré la chasse d’eau. Merci encore !

Pour résumer...

Les plus :

  • Les graphismes
  • L’ambiance sonore
  • Les cinématiques

Les moins :

  • La linéarité du jeu
  • Trop court !

Dommage, ça gâche le plaisir... jeu bien sympa même si un peu trop linéaire à mon goût, mais belle réalisation.

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Bon ben je n'aurai jamais le secret. Je finis toujours à 33/35 et pourtant, j'ai beau fouiller partout... ou je crois le faire. Tant pis ! Excellent jeu quand même, même si je me sens un peu frustré... Il aurait été sympa d’avoir un compteur d’actions afin de savoir où l’on en est...

Enfin ! J'ai pu avoir mes 35/35 et obtenir la seconde fin !

Three levels! Thanks! It is harder than the previous demo. I love it!

I cannot wait the release of the game and the demo is too short! I can't waiiiiiiiiiiit ^^

Very nice, very interresting but the demo et very too short ^^

Thanks to have fixed the bugs!

It works. Maybe you have some issue with your device?

Very good game, original, nice graphisms... I loved it :)

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Excellent game! Thank you :)
If you are stuck, I have made a video walkthrough ;)

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It is okay now! Thanks for fixing the game ;)