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man I like this game to bad it doesn't explode my ears when the fog envelopes me

left my paralyzed brother out in the snow :(

pissing my pants right now

I'm in your home

that's nuts man I never thought ttrpgs and fighting games would be combined. Huge fucking Kudos

No I will not as I lack any skill that could even be compared to game design

2 things, sfx for gun is annoyingly loud, make it so I can pet the dog

im really tired

Hey dipshit what do I do after the 20 party city shurikens you gave me ran out

Its ok

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Is there butter on the farmers shoes. It feels quite slippery, thus making the potions hard to hit. I also think that you could shorten the width of the stage while still keeping the same difficult, as of now you cannot see the other end of the stage making it difficult to see if there are new animals spawning. 

Sorry my gumball machine jumped onto my keyboard, its ok game

I love you

this is by far, the mace game i've ever maced