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I found out there is a library for android but not implemented to godot yet  check out the last comment . I saw the server.js code already, meant do you host the code for just this game or bought a vps?

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how do you handle signalling? do you host a websocket? can webrtc of godot run on android?

my game is server authoritative so clients should'nt send anything to each other. If a player wants to move, he have to send movement direction to server then server move_and_slide the player and sends back position of player to all clients. can I do this with webrtc? 

I wasn't know webrtc doesnt need port. Thank you

did you just press host and join buttons? you must open 30695 TCP and UDP port and allow on firewall

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I have already allowed, you couldn't see your server if it was disabled. it is probably about port and firewall or your ip is cgn ip which haven't ability to open port

you must open port to 30695

would you please describe more? Is this happens when you pressed buttons immediately or you are trying to join your own game?

thanks for using my voxelation. I have to say again that you really made me happy. I have played your game and wished to have more levels , screen effects, swaying weapons was excellent.

I had to quit after wave 9 because sound start to crash Idk why 

my submission here but you need to play with your friend it is online

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As like in title, you need to help me to make gameplay video. I'm in Turkey and probably your location is different, I host a game but It will be laggy I guess so if you want you can help me by taking video while host a game with your friends then upload to youtube

Game here :

You made me really happy :)

I did not expect anyone to play so early, thank you. we will upload the new version in 2 days to fix bugs and add more horror content :)

your welcome :)

weird game :)

Usé la traducción de Google. Espero que se traduzca bien. No importa y puedes usarlo como desees :)

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Yes it is annoying and now just one file

:) you are on right way

 game development is still active, you should try the game

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there are My 2 godot engine game  in this link (include that one)

thanks  for your comment. I changed to unity3d because of i cant do  3d navmesh on  grid system in godot engine. Also it is antialising in unity3d i cant disable it  . And nowadays i make animation after that i will post raw files 

sorry there is no gameplay  I was late to jam

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It can be story too

I reuploaded , please look again

I reuploaded , please look again

I reuploaded , please look again

window start a little over of my screen therefore I can't read what written

This is not fit my screen , I cant even see play button :(

what a shame