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what a fun little interactive wanderzone!

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pretty weird therapy

(seriously thought this is really cool. evocative writing . played the misery tourism version though idk the differences)

omgoodness stunning. so good. 

Oh this was so my jam. BEAUTIFULLY written. Tight and evocative. Loved it. <3

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Beautiful. I played it back when it came out, have since played it a few more times to show it to friends, and I've loved watching it change over time. Elegy (h)ours. <3

I played it twice in honor of a couple people. Short, contemplative, and the art and music were great. A touching little grief ritual.

Really lovely, both the poems and the UI. I particularly liked "Unknown Media" and "Styx", and the proposed speedrun is a really cool idea. My time for the run was 7:45, but I took my time with it. Loved this. Thanks for sharing. <3

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Idk how TTL works, so this took a few attempts to figure out what I'm supposed to do, but I had a nice time guessing. Clever puzzle, and I like how more visual aid is added in later stages. Still not entirely sure I know what to do, but I did get it eventually. Really cool

I'm obsessed with this. Love the implied equation created when you click a word and it becomes a new word. Love that it forces rereading of the statements in a new light. Love what the juxtaposition of quotes against each other do, and how it makes you build them out in your head (and how it makes you click to see the citation, giving you the ability to not know where it comes from for a moment). Delicious looping and stacking and simultaneity in the quotes' relations to one another. I'm having feelings about citation practice and the verbs this statement makes you do to read/engage with it. Poeticsssssss.

ohhh I will check it out. thanks so much!

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The atmosphere here comes through so clearly. Striking visuals, compelling writing. That little bit of something strange in the dark that a friend of a friend swore they saw once. Love how most of the little text fold-outs elaborate on relationships and the human component, makes it feel even more like a story filtered through a teller. Super cool.

Also how did you get the photos to look like that?