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downloaded the game like, 30 minutes ago? and saw how you fixed the bug with goat, but it still freezes at the tent sequence for me. tried re-downloading but it's the same. still an astounding game though i fuckin love it

it's been loading for 5 minutes and the loading screen has literally given me ptsd

This game seems amazing! I didn't even realize it was the demo with how good the beginning was handled. Also, I loved the addition of Snow in the game, the reference made me smile. 

Also the simple colors of the game and gray palette was a really nice touch! Aswell as the option of appearance and pronouns.

All in all, this game has totally blown me away. But I mean, I expected it as your games always leave an impression on me. I can't wait for the main game!

this is amazing.

a lot of faces past people after losing someone, and being there myself i'm happy that i had people around me to help me. many people don't understand the impact of losing someone and feeling as if you've lost everything and this game embodies how lonely you truly feel. plus, the art and music is literally so fascinating, thanks for making this. seriously.

while i was crying the moment the dog started whining - good game. i mean, hard to read and soemwhat tear jerking, but the writing is phenomenal and very well put together.