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That was terrifying, the atmosphere and the pure panic of having to put the flyers up whilst waiting for something to happen! 10/10 !

Nice game! Keep up the good work

Oh. my. god. This is definitely one of the BEST games I have ever played on this platform. The audio, the concept, the visuals, absolutely immaculate! I haven't seen such a well-constructed game like this on here for a while! BRAVO

visuals - 10/10

gameplay - 10/10

storyline - 10/10

Following to keep in the loop, please keep up the good work!

Nice demo, the jumpscare got me good lmao

Nice atmosphere, and not bad overall - however, the speed was terribly slow. Whether that's intentional or not, Im not sure but I didn't enjoy that aspect. Also not sure if there was meant to be a part two or anything but I was a bit unsure of the actual plot itself. Atmosphere- 5/5. Gameplay - 3/5. Story - 1/5

BRUH THAT JUMPSCARE. Its been a while since one of them got me like that! You made this in 2 weeks? BRAVO !

Yooooo nice demo! Very much reminded me of Puppet Combo style horror games! Nice plot and gameplay! I got hella scared when I got the last valve, I rannnnn out of there back to mr barrel man LOL keep up the good work!

WOW! This was definitely one of the best games I've played on here and in recent times! I am 100% hoping you make a part 2 ! Really enjoyed the story and gameplay, really effectively scary! Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

Interesting game - only thing I'll say is in the sewer water area - you cannot see a thing. It was so hard to navigate through there. Maybe turn the brightness up a lil.

I got hit with a black screen, after the text appeared, I could use WASD to move but couldnt see anything. Windows player.

Another zinger! I really think you're one to look out for 616! Scary and great story! :D

No worries! I thoroughly enjoyed the game and the concept! And Thankyou! I’ll keep my eye out for more from yourself in the future! 

that’s cool, I’m gonna give it another go later on, will report back here! I need to know how it ends lol

Good game, wish I'd gotten the chance to see the end, I got glitched out? Stuck? When I got into the well, I took the right turn at the miniature statue and somehow got stuck at the wall, trying to restart the game gave me the static screen and just stuck there. :(

Alright, first of all - great game. Had good fun playing the demo and solving the various puzzles - although - collecting the ammo frustrated me as I could not combine it with the gun. I had to melee everyone. 

JESUS. This scared the life outta me haha nice one!

nice concept, the ending wasn't it though. 

BRO this game was soooo good! First of all, I doubted it was even horror in the first few levels, then it gradually made more sense and got more cursed! AMAZING WORK. Thank you!

Very creepy! Great short game!

Loved this game! Thank you and keep up the good work!

Nice demo! Thank you and keep up the good work :D

Well, this was a nightmare. 2/5 - purely because the amount of times I no clipped out of the map - I couldnt find the 5th beacon? Ended up following a light behind the big gate, tried for about 20 minutes alone just to get to it, nothing there. Managed to get behind the big gate, 35 mins in total and I had to quit out because I ended up stuck. A few fixes needed there.

Nice game, I wondered if this were unfinished though? One area I was interested in but we flew straight past it lol. Keep up the good work

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I tried to play this but the mouse sensitivity was crazzzy low and movement was very slow, and no way to change it :( 

Im not sure if there are multiple endings - Im assuming there are - either way, this game creeeeped me out! Great work and great scares! Thank you so much for this!

Loved the concept, great story and interactivity. Might be on my end, but the mouse sensitivity was crazy high. 

Nice idea, but I couldn't play it very long. The graphics made it so hard to see where anything was. 

Broooooo! The ending was so cool! It just clicked, that's an amazing concept! I was so confused at first but literally, what a great idea and a great game. Thank you so much for making this!

Yoooooooo, this game was terrifying lol. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work!

lmao best game Ive ever played xD

Great game! The end made me jump lol. Hope to see more from you! :)

This is one of the best short horror games I've played on here! Absolutely amazing! The end really got me! Keep up the great work!

Nice short game!

Not entirely sure where to post the bugs/glitches - but I got as far as completing the first challenge and on my way back to the area with the picnic tables(?) - the game just froze. "An error has occurred, please hit escape to restart the game". 

Alright! That was quite interesting! Good game, hope this is released as a full game!

mmm, not sure about this one. Better than some others, but rough around the edges. 3/5