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A member registered Jun 19, 2019

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Looks awesome! some amazing additions - look forward to getting my hands on the upgrade in due course and putting it through its paces!

Absolutely loving this! Only 2 days of playing around in my spare time, and I'm only just beginning to understand the power in this seemingly simple (yet intuitive) package. Really look forward to seeing what all future developments come through. From my own side, I'd love to see:

Additional "assets" - especially more trees, plants and natural features. Oh, and lots of dragons etc!;

Simple "terraforming" of the landscape, or ability to upload your own;

Ability to "recolour" assets - especially the mythical creatures!

Ability to add your own 3D assets

I love the "glass bowl" terrain, and would love to see some further variants - different shaped bottles, for example - to build vivariums & drgonariums!

One minor gripe - with the "glass bowl" terrain, if you switch in the water option but keep it "floating" in mid air, you get nasty "ghost artefacts" from the water transparent layer/object poking through the sides of the bowl - would love to see that resolved

Otherwise I am in awe of this great product - not often I get genuinely excited by software, but this is a stunning piece of work, and great value at the price. Thank you so much for developing!!