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Thanks so much for playing! The main character is supposed to be late 20s, but cybernetic enhancements/surgeries have messed with the concept of age a bit. 

thank you! & so true, twine can be super powerful

ahh thanks so much!

i really, really enjoyed this lol. thanks for sharing all your homes with me !!

I loved this so much, it was like you were living in my brain! Adorable color scheme, too.

i haven't played a bitsy in over a year, and this reminded me why i love the medium so much. i truly enjoyed this game, it was moving and hilarious

This is so cute, love the animation especially

I love the music and the general vibe! So nice to see some really cool history highlighted with  fun, relaxing gameplay.

this is fantastic

Very nice & cute!

Thanks for playing! Here's a hint: space out the enemies from the two worlds as far as you can so you can walk between them and avoid them! 

Thanks for playing! It is difficult for sure. It was fun playing around with spawn rates to make it feel at least somewhat beatable.

I really like your art style here! And I think you have a lot of cool, polished mechanics for a longer form survival game! I kept dying very early on because the enemies would just sit outside my camp. I wish there was an easier way to avoid them! :)

This is fantastic!! I love the flow of character movement and I think the mechanic is perfect. Really cool jam game, especially for a tough theme like camouflage. 

Oh wow, I hadn't managed to do that myself! Good catch! (Is it a bug or is it a feature? Haha) Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! It is challenging for sure. There are tricks to get around the blue guys if you play with your timing switching between the two worlds!

big luv for this bitsy

this is EVERYTHING! incredible work 

I SUPREMELY enjoyed this. So fantastic. Reminds of me of my childhood.

thank you for telling me! after looking into it, it looks like the screen is sort of cut off on mobile...  looks like itch doesnt agree with bitsy here :( i've taken off the mobile-friendly tag for now. hopefully you can enjoy it on a computer sometime!

hahaha thank you!!! (lovely and absurd -- in a good way -- is my brand)

oh god this really made me feel things. incredible work as always. 

this is everything!!!! i really appreciate how much work you put into the different visuals + animations, it kept things engaging and elevated the dialogue. really excited to check out more of your stuff. 

also, i'm still trying to figure out for myself how you did the static text, that was so so good.

thank you hahaha

Oh this is so wonderful. Really feels like I'm playing a retro RPG. Fantastic!!!

so cute!

I won! fun and cute, great job. 

I really enjoyed this. More than I even thought I would, honestly. It pacts a lot of punch in such a short amount of time. The flower mechanic is also very fun, sort of nostalgic for decorating games I played as a kid but mixed with this dark, melancholy atmosphere. Y'all are great.

um this game is everything. consider yourself followed

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I love this!! it's really intuitive and easy to pass time with. i specifically liked how the background color changed with each successful hit, and the box shattering animation. great stuff!


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omg this is such a small thing but ahh the shadows !! the shadows !! so good. everything about this is is so good. but i love the art. good work as always, caeth!

this is so good!! love the design!!

really really enjoyed this! the aesthetic really complimented the message. it's a complicated thing to balance who you feel you are with identities that you were born with/want to connect to.

ahh, thank you so much! that means a lot :')

This is so so good. Great pico-8 inspiration too!

this is so, so beautiful and sweet. i love your choice of inspiration also! i have to read some of her stuff

i... love this. seriously. i love it! one of my new all-time favorite bitsys.