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Really? I know that Steam takes 1/3, but I almost every gamer I know uses exclusively Steam for all their games and would be unwilling to go anywhere else to buy or play them, I though that the huge amount of sales from Murder House would've been enough to make him want to put more games there.

If you click 'Download' it will give you the option to pay if you want to, or if you don't, above where it wants you to type an amount will be a little blueish link that says "No, just take me to the download" and it will have all the different things you can download that are attached to this project, including this audio.

Those lines on him... is he an animatronic?!

Jack is pretty likable character. The fact that he's so pure and lovable and loving and innocent to the point where it can almost be annoying I think is a good thing, especially since he's so desperately attracted to you and you only see this side of him, when he seems to have a whole different psycho side to him that is fueled by this childlike admiration for you.

I am curious, though... as this is a demo, does that mean you're currently working on a full version?

Is there any chance this will be available on Steam?

Wow, thanks so much for sharing what you found! I literally stopped after I translated the NATO into "pastebin" because it sounded so stupid and I felt I must have gotten it wrong. It never occurred to me that it was a website.

Weirdly enough... I just tried to launch it again and it worked this time. I knew I had the RTP version too, so I wasn't sure what it was before, but it just wouldn't launch. I found the incompatible program thing when I ran a diagnostic on it though, and I know that sometimes running the diagnostic will fix stuff, idk, but it's fine now.

I tried to play this game, but it wouldn't launch; troubleshooting came up with 'Incompatible program", so I guess this only runs on older versions of Windows? Will there ever be an update or remake or something?

I don't know how you do it, Kira, but I feel like every game you make is a thoughtful masterpiece in and of itself.

I liked this game,  but I really am wondering about that secret ending. I really didn't understand that all. What exactly happened?

Do you have a Patreon in the works?

I really like this game! Super cute! And a lot of porn games that try to add something extra are way too hard, and although this game was really easy, I appreciated it and I know the difficulty will go up since a lot of Diner Dash types of games start out super easy during the first couple in game weeks.

I think I had about $220 or so in pocket at the end, after going to the grocery store like 4 times and stopping for coffee twice.

The only little things of feedback I have would be that I feel like there's nothing to do after work or over the weekend, besides go grocery shopping or get coffee. I honestly wanted to either do extra shifts, or hang out with fellow femboys from work like some kind of dating sim (which I have a feeling is already in the works), or even just  do something to lower stress or up my skills, like reading, working out, playing games, etc.

If you ever plan to do more with this idea, I'd be willing to buy a full game of this. That story with Johanne, so tragic and touching...

May I ask how the final version is coming along?

Have you thought about making and selling a full game?

Very cute horror game! Just curious though... will you ever release a walkthrough to show how to get all 42 points?