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Heyyyy look who learned out to read, this guy.

"Unfortunately, the free updates have now come to an end. The current build of the game (version 0.510) will remain here on, and will always be free, but no further updates will be made to it. You'll have to wait for the final release now."

I'm into you people, like into you people. Haven't felt this way about a game in years. It's just so great, and the potential for development is incredible. I read in another one of your posts that what we have is a very early build missing about a year of content, reading that made me salivate, no joke. You guys hit gold and reddit noticed, I hope you get all the funding and attention your ideas deserve. Count me in as an investor. Never counted down the days till a steam release till this, or even posted to a forum like this, seriously. I fucking love you guys.

My game suffers from some kind of memory leak, after about a half hour something triggers it, maybe it's the bees I'm not sure. So I just get a half hour worth of accomplishments in over and over getting better at the lander and mechanics, which is a shit ton of fun to master. Do you have any sources of more recent builds where maybe I wouldn't hit this issue? I expect a hard no but am desperate enough to ask. 


An appreciative noodle.