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The True End was definitely worth it! Once the most unintuitive road block was cleared I guess I just lucked into immediately clearing the entire route due to some fortunate decisions I had made earlier in that playthrough and having already gone through almost every other branch due to being a completionist. Never even imagined I had reached the True End until the last few dialogues.

Would love to get into specifics to perhaps ask what a few endings meant or if there was more to them and actually inform you of a few bugs I did find (none gamebreaking or that took me out of the game), but unfortunately it seems like doesn't have a PM feature.

Saw your post on /r/Games earlier today (which unfortunately was removed before any real discussion of it happened) and spent the better part of tonight going through it. Managed to get 4 or 5 different endings including the True one. 

Great job for your first game, it definitely deserves more attention since you clearly put heart and passion into it. Unfortunately I don't have many friends who would appreciate a game like this or I'd definitely get them to try it.

Hope you keep at it, I'm very much looking forward to future titles you work on!