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Spoke to soon. Even with steam controller support entirely disabled, and steam closed, its still causing issues. Its not just presets its switching between either, it will also navigate through the menu's of it and adjust the image as well.

Either way, I hope the issue can be fixed. This program is incredible outside of that, and I would love to use it instead of Discord Reactive Images!

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much appreciated!

It also may be a multimonitor issue. Even if its not the "Active" window, it is the topmost window when I was testing it, on the monitor it was on, even though my active window was the game I was playing.

Edit: Actually it no longer seems to be happening? I have no idea what that was.

Edit2: Okay after testing some more, it does it if you have pressed any buttons on it, then controller input becomes enabled somehow. It swaps presets and also navigates through its menus.

Can you please make it so that hotkeys working while its toggleable? Or remove controllers from its hotkeys? At the moment my controller keeps activating it which makes it really difficult to use this while streaming.

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Seems to be a small technical glitch with the Small PDFs (both pages and spread). Pages 42, 43, 46, 47, 52, 145, 154, and 164-167 all have black bars over their sidebars making it unreadable.

beyond that this is one of the most beautiful rule books I’ve seen.

I haven't finished the game yet, but the fact that I'm sitting here staring at a list of things to do while thinking "Do I REALLY need to eat again? I ate earlier. I could use that time better probably." and not actually making a decision, instead getting distracted to write this very comment, is... a little too real.

Fantastic job capturing the mindset of ADHD.