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Weeeeeeeird. I just re-uploaded the files, maybe that will fix. If it doesn't I can send you a direct link!


it's a really specific experience. The game was created for an art show responding to a historic flood that decimated our city in 2015. we are thankful you played it, even if it didn't resonate completely.

glad it worked! a lot of people had this problem. we apologize.

Each game lasts a week. Which means a playthrough is fairly short. It's a very specific experience, responding to a big event in our team's lives. We are thankful you played even if it did not resonate with you

some users have had issues with pop up blockers preventing the downloads.

we're really glad you liked it. it was creatively satisfying to morph our experiences into this game. everyone on the team had first hand experience with the flood or the cleanup afterwards. thanks for your video :)

we have gotten reports of popup blockers preventing the download of the .zip file D: glad Firefox worked!

like @Afro mentioned the desktop app is pretty amazing.

I helped make this game? it's on my itch page?

A user below reported that sometimes Chrome blocks the download popup.

long live bob! we are glad you perused the Waterlines page :D we hope the featured status on helps to bring more attention to the larger project.

fake? can you explain how?

as noted in the description, it's part of a larger art project called Waterlines that responds to the historic 1000 year flood that happened in South Carolina in October 2015. here's the link if you'd like some more context!

A user below reported that sometimes Chrome blocks the download popup.

thanks for your vid 🤘loved how much thought you put into playing it. We are curious, how did it feel to lose agency during the storm later in the week

thanks for your vid :) it's part of a larger art project called Waterlines if you want to get really sad

we are reLEAFed that you enjoyed the game. sorry you can't click other objects! long live Todd

thank you for your video 😌 we loved your plant backtory

Click the download link. It should open a new tab and download the zip. If this does not happen, your pop-up blocker may have prevented it. After downloading, unzip the file. In the folder is an executable!

definitely could use some graphics optimizations, especially with the water effects. if we find the time for version 1.5 making it smoother is goal #1.

well that is really strange. I'm glad y'all resolved this while I was at work!

I don't have a Linux machine, so I'm not certain it will work 100%. If you're interested I can definitely build one later tonight.

strange! I wonder if it has anything to do with a pop-up blocker?

Strange! You can try one of these direct links: (OS X) (Win)

Let me know if neither of these works.

thank you! The radio clips are actually all taken directly from South Carolina public radio news stories right before and during last year's historic flooding

So, you're going to have difficulty keeping that darn plant alive ... it might not even be possible ...

As a response to the October 2015 historic flooding in South Carolina, this game explores the loss of agency via a medium usually defined through player agency. When I was sitting in my apartment, watching my neighbors houses underwater on the news, I wanted to run out and help everyone. But I was stuck ... no matter how much I wanted to get to where people were hurting, all the roads around me were sunk.

Aw man, you caught us with the sockets. We didn't notice that until release. Version 2 fix haha

Oh no! can you describe the issue more?