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Very cute, hope you keep developing this.

Keep up the great work!

Awesome and frustrating 🤣

Looking great! Can't wait to play the full version

Looking forward to the full version or at least a full level 😉

Keep up the good work, looking forward to whatever comes next.

Keep up the excellent work.

Beautiful and so many things to click on. I especially enjoy all the references in the scene.

Nice work 😁

I made a report in game today.

Very enjoyable, it is on my list of games to play when avoiding work 🤣🤣

Not all loot seems to be real. I picked up a number of items that should have been equip able and they never appeared in my inventory. Also loot drops currently have a weird blue aura around them, almost like missing pixels or something that was supposed to be transparent but is not. Loot drops can also be used to block enemies, enemies should just walk thru loot drops.

I will send you a pm or chat via reddit

Pretty cool 😁

Looks good, I personally would have liked more things to interact with in each scene but I appreciate the vision.

it was a good time, keep up the great work!

keep up the good work 😃

Loved it, and the extra bit after you win 😉

Its a good time, except my reflexes are terrible.

Great work, looking forward to more!

Looks good, I hope you keep adding to it, even if it's just in your spare time.

Pretty cool. Personally I think there were to many cards (options for x & o's) but it could just be that I'm old and can't remember what they all do 😁

Keep up the good work. 

Barricades are my nemesis.

That was fun 😁 keep up the excellent work. The suggestions made on the playmygame sub sounded pretty cool, especially if you keep up the level of design work you've done so far.

I like where you're headed on this one, needs some fleshing out and minor adjustments but it was fun to play and I like the humor of it all.

looks good, keep up the great work.

I see where you're going with this and look forward to more cartridges.

I enjoyed it, keep up the great work. 

Awesome 😁 keep up the great work.

It was fun, I hope you continue to develop the game.

Nice work, good progression (just wish I was smarter). Keep it up.

I will send you a complete list via reddit chat, pm, or email whichever you prefer.

You've got something going here, keep up the work. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

Fun time, there were some stage design issues which you will see but otherwise I was genuinely disappointed when I finished all the levels. Keep it up, and keep adding to the game 😁

The combat is interesting. I like what you're doing here, keep up the work.

A lot of fun, keep up the excellent work. 

Great job! Please add more to the game.

Interesting game, tough choices. Keep up the great work 😁