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Good nostalgic fun.

great work 😁

A good time 😁 while it seems simple at first there is a lot going on. 

Good time😁

It was a lot of fun, great work 😁

Fun puzzle game

Nicely done 😁 


Supremely excellent job of setting a mood. Hopefully you passed with flying colors. If not please feel free to leave the professor's info and ill contact him/her.

Well done, I enjoyed my gameplay

Thoroughly enjoyed my time =) keep up the great work

Very fun and challenging game 😁

Interesting game, nicely polished for a game on hold.

Great work, I enjoyed my playtime.

Your game has given me many more grey hairs... thanks =)

I thoroughly enjoyed my gameplay. Hope to see more.

The trailer... WoW. Excellent work. Can't wait to try out the game.

I don't see the download link

No worries, if you ever do please let me know, I could use some nice art. I love everything you have made so far.

I am looking for two custom sprites with animations do you take requests?