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I play a lot of games from (I'm a no-name variety streamer) and I gotta say: I was hooked playing Madball. I got through to level 20, and I had to put it down because I had other games to at least try out. 

So simple, but so addictive. You nail the feeling you get when you overcome. Well done, y'all

Just for anyone looking to 100% this, the Spotlight is not available in v1 of the game. it was added later.

What are the golden gears about?!

I want... so much more of this game. It's .... so good. So very good

Hi there! I picked this game up from the Racial Justice bundle. 

I'm not the target demographic (I don't really do spooky games) but I do like point-and-click games so I decided to give it a shot! Overall I thought it was ... fine? I wish the puzzles had been more ambitious than just many, many keys, and the uh.... traditional ending(s) are a bit of a hard mental leap to understand. 

That aside, The game's well-built and plays well, and your creepy audio bits were effective, and I wish there'd been more. 

I wish there'd just been more. More effort into the puzzles, more clarification of the story, just.. yeah. more. 

Anyways, I've attached a video of my playthrough if you're at all interested: 

oh wow! hah! Well I'm glad I could help improve the game I guess :D Thanks for that

Hi there! I picked this game up through the Racial Justice Bundle a little while ago. I... still don't know quite how to explain my time with your... game? Experience? It was thoughtful, and I liked that you played with free-will vs being trapped in the narrative. I feel like the game sorta peters out at the end, which was a little sad, but overall a very interesting experience. It's something I'll be thinking about for a while.

I've attached a video of my playthrough if you're interested:

Hi there! I picked this up through the Racial Justice Bundle, and I just gotta tell you that this is a really solid game. I managed to get through the entire game (with one character) in about 4 hours, and there's something refreshing about playing a rogue game where the difficulty curve to finish a run isn't 60+ hours.

I love the design, the aesthetic, and the fact that the game demands that you make the best possible moves, and figure out the patterns. I got punished a lot until I learned to read the room, so to speak.

Seriously, great game y'all made here. Be really proud.

I've attached videos of my playthrough if you're at all interested:

Hi there! I nabbed this game through the Racial Justice bundle, and got a chance to play the game recently. Gotta say: there's a lot to like about this game! I only played about 30 minutes of it, but I liked what I experienced. You don't see a lot of rogue-lite flying games, so it was a fun experience. I also really dug the overall aesthetic as well as the extremely Macross anime sound effects.

I've attached a let's play video to the post if you're interested:

Hi again! I posted a couple weeks ago about having picked up the game through the Racial Justice bundle. I'd only played it for ~15 minutes at the time, but said I was going to keep going. Well I did, and I'm so glad that I did. Fortune-499 is, simply put, a wonderful game. I love the mutating of the mechanics. I love the art style. I love the writing and characters. I love the music. Honestly I love this game back to front. I only have 2 small gripes and they are in no way ruinous to the experience. 

Just thought I'd post again to let you know I've finished it and enjoyed it immensely.

I've added a link to my playlist of plays if you're interested:

Regardless, thanks so much!

Hi there!  I picked this up through the Racial Justice bundle from a little while back. Tried it out as part of my Indie Wednesdays stream and though I only had 15 minutes or so to play, I really dig what I experienced, and I'll be returning to it again this Wednesday. I love the twists with RPS, the aesthetic, the music. All of it. I'm really excited to play more.

I've included my video of quickly trying the game out if you want to see.

Hi there! I picked this game up through the Racial Justice bundle and I'm really glad i did! I gave the game a spin a little while as part of my Let's Try series on YT, and I really dig it! Solid mechanics, great sound engineering, awesome aesthetic. Game's kinda got it all going on. I'm for sure going to be playing through the rest of it!

My one and only hangup is that the screen shake can't be turned off. I find it kind of disorienting.

I've attached my playthrough video if you're at all interested.

Hi there! I picked up Reky as part of the Racial Justice mega bundle and wanted to say that you've got a really polished game here! It's so stylish, and the audio engineering is fantastic. Got real Monument Valley vibes from it all. Sadly I got burnt out in section C due to all the back-tracking and such, but that's not to say they're badly made puzzles, just that they don't gel with me personally.

I've attached a playthrough video if you're interested.

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Hi there! I picked up Golf Peaks through the massive itch bundle and I had to stop by to say: I loved this game. Such an interesting premise, and the introduction of he mechanics is super smooth. I love how it looks, how it sounds, how it plays... all of it! I only really struggled with 2 puzzles out of the core 90, which is amazing (because I'm not the best at these kinds of games). I was only intending to try the game, and then stayed up too late just to get through it all!

Y'all should be really proud of what you made here.

I've attached my playthrough video if you're at all interested.

Hi there! I picked this up through the massive itch bundle and wanted to stop by to say how much I dig this game. It's a great take on the whole pipe/train/point connecting genre. Great visuals, great music loop, and I like the difficulty curve! Overall I enjoyed myself!

I've attached my playthrough video if you're at all interested.

Hi there! I Picked up Vektor 2089 through the massive itch bundle, and I gotta say: there's a lot to love about this game. I'm really impressed that you managed to make something so low-fidelity and high-fidelity at the same time. The mechanics are simple to get, but the mastering curve is sneaky. I really enjoyed my playthrough of it, and while I have no real suggestions for improvements, I just thought you'd like to know how much I enjoyed my time with the game.

I've added my playthrough video if you're at all interested.

Hi there! Picked up your game as part of the massive itch bundle. Gotta say: great execution on the idea. It's simple but challenging, and I'm impressed with the difficulty curve. It's not really my kind of game, but I just wanted to make sure to say: This is a really solid game.

I've attached my small playthrough video if you're interested.

I don't really have a lot to say. It was wonderful to play a game that approaches a topic many find taboo, scary, or down-right anxiety spiking, and see it talked about in such an honest and kind way. I really, truly enjoyed my time with this VN and I'm so glad you created it. I even managed to beat the surprisingly tough mine-sweeper!

I've attached my playthrough of it to this post, if you'd like to see my experience of it all.

Thanks again for this game. I'm so glad I got to experience it.

Hi there! I got this from a code i was given back at PAX2019. Lovely to meet ya'll at the booth. I finally got around to installing it and giving it a shot. I really liked it! I appreciate the distillation of transport management you achieved given the imposed restrictions of the game.

If you want to watch my playing it, I've posted it below.

Thanks for making such a neat game (and making the deluxe version of it) and for bein so nice at the booth!

Hi there! I got this game through the massive bundle and took a chance playing it. I really ... okay "enjoyed" isn't the right word, but I was creeped out the entire time, and it was a legit challenge. I was really impressed with the game, the AR elements, and the results of said AR work.

Well done on making a horror game that doesn't depend strictly on gross visuals or jump scares. Kept me on edge the entire time.

I streamed it over the course of a couple days, if you're interested you can watch them here:

Hey there! I streamed this game the other day. I loved it! It's simple but still really engaging and challenging. I'm really interested to see what the full release is going to look like.

If you want to watch my playthrough: 

That artwork is pretty amazing. Can't wait to see what you do with it

That's a really good choice! Really look forward to what you come up with :D

Fantastic. I hope your game can also teach coordination, decision-making, maze navigation and detail recollection!

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i hope it's an 80's themed singing beat-based duel between man and the groovebot armada

Can we take a moment and appreciate the knock-off Ganon in the background? So good.

Before Doctor Who, there was ... a dude in space with a sword. and is that a dragon? stepping on a planet? Fantastic!

This is an excellent choice. Cannot wait to see what you can do with it!