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how it feel:

The mechanics are cool and I like the fact that there's no "level" and the game just keeps going.

But I find the colors quite eye-popping; the contrast needs to be toned down a bit (dark violet and off-white?).

And we need a button to reset, because I found myself soft-locked when the elevator left without me here =>

I love it, it's so simple and yet going over 30s is already a feat.

Very nice, the end game alone could make a good longer game ^^

An idea that's already been done, but made in its own unique way.

After taking a few seconds to understand at first, especially with the description, I really enjoyed these puzzles.

Either you need to be more explicit to give your game more visibility, or it's intentional to let people who are really looking to unravel your mysteries...


It's really nice game !
Up to this level, which is blocked.

Well in fact if you wait for the enemy to reappear a dozen times, he'll eventually get through...

I found it very cool, with plenty of replayability.
it's added to the whishlist.

Small graphic point, I find that the "finish" button is not very visible.

Otherwise, it could be a choice, but I'd find it cool to be able to click on an enemy to get info on it.

Dat last level make me crazy but awesom game tho

So I tried again, I saw that it's normal and you gave the information later in the level ^^ 

It would just be necessary to give all the keys at the beginning I think.

I have not tested pico8 but that's what I was afraid! It is not possible to assign it to the space key for example ?

 It's not hell but a little frustrating to kill yourself after almost finishing a level lol

Hi, I haven't finished yet, i like to keep games under my elbow and play them for a few minutes during breaks.  I'll tell you if I'm finished or if I'm blocked ^^

Yes no problem for the button I made it for. If you have the different sizes of your buttons I can quickly make them with the model above.

Okay, I'm not a graphic designer but I did this, if it's ever okay with you.

Hi, cool game, i like the spirit.
Just one thing, the graphism of game itself is good but the menu trigger me a little bit (because of color, shape and it look stretched)

Hi, the idea look intersting but there is a little bug.

If the first block jump on the seccund, they stick together and don't separate anymore. And I can't change colors after that :-/

You could totally make it a longer game! great concept

The game is nice but I don't understand the "kamikaze" option. 
I only use it when I'm not doing it on purpose and suddenly I die :-(

simple and efficient, well done !

Quick and good.

The lack of loading time between levels makes the game more opressive, it's an interesting idea !

If you think about design, I propose to highlight line when your mouse pass on numbers. It can help when you have more than 8 lines.

Yes lol !

I find that the turret hitbox should be slightly wider, sometimes in a rush it gets a bit tricky.

it makes me want to test on a smartphone, with several fingers at the same time.


nice one ! after 500K my brain melted ^^

Oooh ok ^^ than you I understand ! it's better like this lol. I'm not english so maybe it's just my own mistake.

The reason why I failed in this rule is in the tutorial. In explanations 6/10 and 8/10 you saied : 

"the line only intersect...".

In first I understood this rule apply only if 2 lines intersect but not it they are more than 2.
That's why in my example I fill out numbers 5 and 4 because this line only intersect with 5 and 4.

I understand now ; if only 2 line intersect you know wich number to put inside. BUT if there are more intersection the rule stay the same ^^

So I can't judge with my non-English reading. But peraps the "only" explanation could be made more excplicit.

Hope it's help ;-) I know feedback is important and most people never notify when they find problems.

Does this logic already exist in a game or did you create everything?
I love Sudoku so I think this idea is great!

But for me there should be additionals rules.
When I played a size 4 it was really easy, but in size 6 it started to be unresolvable.

With the current rules I have found cases where several solutions are possible. This is not the case in a Sudoku where only one solution exists.

Here, if I'm not mistaken, the 5 and 4 on left are good, but after that there are not indices for find the next numbers.

All these solutions follow the rules but are not good?

Here is the correct solution (below) and I don't know why.

Maybe a new rule could render only one solution good.

For example, the numbers on the same "column" cannot be the same. In this case in the first picture, the B would be wrong because the numbers 2 and 6 are on the same column. the same for the D with the number 2.

Unfortunately this slight problem makes the experience less replayable and more frustrating.

It's true that on the post-it I had a bit of that.

But with the books I got the "But what do you expect from me the game?"

No problem, I love the spirit of the game! keep going.

Really good game !

BUT, with your logic, because for example with the books, I wanted to store them exactly in the reverse positions ^^

Hi !

Reverse gun is a good idea, you can make awesome puzzle with it.
you can add bouncing walls, mirrors ...

Pretty cool 10mn's game