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Thanks for showing off the Victorian Combat game Jupiter! It's a little rough around the edges but not my main project The company is currently exploring a lot of options and and you can sign up for updates or to beta new games at http://newgaia.azurewebsites.net/ or just check out some randomly generated maps at http://newgaia.azurewebsites.net/map.

Thanks so much! I think if I got artillery in and the victory conditions programmed the size of the field would make more sense, but I'd have to try it out to be sure; it's a good thought. I also considered cutting the speed/ranges/and board size down by half to make it all easier to see. I came up with some good reason not to do that but I forget what it was :) maybe it would be a good change.

alright, fixed

Boo, I fixed this yesterday but it didn't stick. Must have forgotten to hit the save button. Will fix asap.