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Thanks for the feedback!

This is a noted bug and will be fixed in the next update (hopefully this weekend)!

We'll be changing piercer completely in the next update

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for still playing if you're reading this! We're gonna start developing on the game casually again for a little bit! Sorry for the 6 month break, I was trying to get a job!

See the teaser on our twitter here:

Glad you like it!

I finally pushed the new update with the Alien changes, sorry for the delay! It's up now on WebGL and soon to be on mobile.

For clarity some health stuff was going on with me, and @DayMan's real job also picked up, so time was a big issue. Also needed a break from working so hard to get this game together in pretty much a month and a half.

We're going to try to have accounts and everything set up for our next big update (so you wont lose data when we make updates) and have team naming and things to add more personalization. After that I want to get a handful of more units in and an unlock system before we make an official release on steam (which will still be free) Thanks for still playing and enjoying the game! We've stayed around 100 plays a day which is crazy! The support is unreal and we cannot thank you enough

Good catch on the numbers not displaying correctly.

And the astronaut line is being reworked in the next update to not be as strong!

What do you hate about it?

Yeah, gonna be reworking it this weekend

New update coming soon. We're  a bit delayed due to technical issues and a bit delayed cause we needed a break!

It will have a new (longer) mode that everyone has been asking about!

I just pushed a fix for this issue (Hopefully) let me know if you run into any more issues!

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Patch v0.31 is now live!

Thanks for everyone that found the bugs in the v0.3, we really appreciate all of your feedback! Here's the things that the hotfix has fixed:

-Enemy Card Throwers hitting their own team
-Being able to combine Tier 3 Units
-The Unit Selection exploit
-Card thrower's description was missing a period, and Ogre's has an extra "for" :Ogre:

In addition, we are wiping the current database of armies since some of you gamers beat the game using glitched armies. So for the first few times you play, you may be seeing the same enemy team over and over again, but this will be fixed with time. Thanks again for all of the feedback!

We're looking to get some fixes for this out tonight!

We're looking to get it out to more countries soon!

Hey everyone, as you might have seen Version 0.3 is OUT!! (On itch and shortly Google Play)

You can see all the updates here:

Liking the devlog does a lot for visibility so if you could like the devlog when you read it it'd make me very happy :)

Thanks again for playing our game!

It was one of the more fun ones to make as well, glad you like it :)

Thanks so much <3

It's not going to be in the next update, but we're looking to add a longer mode in the future!

Endless might be off the table, but maybe like a 30 turn mode or something

If you wanna see a new unit we revealed that will be released this weekend, we teased it on our twitter!!

Check it out here:

Thanks for putting this together! We'll look this over when were doing balancing for the patch this weekend!

Thanks again for all the thought you've put into the game!


Glad you like it! 

Originally the Cleric was a 0/4 but was changed in a recent update. We didn't go back and fix some of the armies you fought against though, so thats probably why they still have 0 atk.

We're looking to release in more countries soon! I believe now were only released in the US and Canada.

Eventually the rogues would kill the back units until one worked its way up and would hit the front unit.

We have a couple of these that we're thinking of implementing in the future. Our next update will have new units!

Ranked is stretch goal for sure, as well as a longer mode that we can try to implement with out current setup! Currently the game stops if you go past 30 turns just because of saving/loading data for armies. I'm looking in a way to make this longer so we can have longer games.


Hey Everyone!

Thanks for all the support, we've now hit over 10* my original goals of 200 plays with over TWO THOUSAND plays!

We're going to try to push an update (Balance and Content) out this weekend, which will also have an invite to our discord where we can discuss more as a community.

If you've been liking the game so far, leaving a rating or review would be incredible. Every comment makes my day so thank you all so much!

Nothing here is working incorrecrly, but it does seem like we need to tweak some of the balancing for these kinds of builds going forward!

Thanks for posting, also laughed at the intro!

We're looking to have a discord up and running in the next couple days so discussing updates and balance will be way easier there.

We're reading all the comments though and taking them into account when we do our first balance patch in the coming weeks!

Thanks for the feedback! We'll look at this when doing a balance change in the future!

We're really glad you like it!

Glad you like it!
To upgrade your units you have to buy multiple of the same from the shop and combine them once they're in your slots.  

Wow, it's really cool you put the list together! It's super cool that you like the game enough to do all of this!

We're going to be adding some new things and doing some patches soon that'll change the balance of the overall game pretty soon! But we'll definitely be looking at this to see where you're feeling on some units to see what we can do to get them more in line.

Thanks again and I really appreciate it!

Currently, you have to buy the unit into one of you slots (Barracks/Armies) before you can combine. We're meeting to discuss to see if we should allow combining from the shop in a future patch. Sorry if this was confusing!

We're looking on adding more time in a future update!

We're looking on adding more time in a future update!

This bug should be fixed now!

Yeah, that'll be fixed in the next update and it'll be more clear that it doesn't go any farther!

Sorry that wasn't in for this release. Thanks for liking the game and playing long enough to figure it out though!

I definitely think Shop Keep and Hoarder could use a little love. They both scale really well into the late game on their own with the upgraded gear coming in later (the hoarder does duplicated the AOE effects), but I do think they need a slight nudge after looking over the units people have gravitating towards recently.

I don't think they're unplayable or anything though, just need a small adjustment of some kind to bring them back into line with the other units on terms of power level.

Glad you liked it!

Also thanks for the kind feedback, we appreciate it a lot and are really glad you like it!

We're looking into a longer gameplay loop in the future.

Also in a future content update (Probably in a week or two) there will be a bunch more Tier 1 units to play with and a new mechanic that keeps the game fresh, while still having a bunch of 3*s to discover!

This will be fixed in the next update haha, Thanks for playing enough to get here though!