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The fact that I read that many words is crazy to me. Been here since 0.10.0, wish I could recommend this VN to more people because it's probably my favorite OAT but, yk. It's even more taboo than recommending subarashiki hibi 馃槶

Thanks for letting us know that Sana canonically played subahibi

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git gud

Off topic but I can't believe you hate subaru. He is by far one of the best written characters OAT and both MCs weakness comes from the fact they are ACTUALLY weak. They rely on others because they know if they grow a "backbone" they will most likely end up hindering those who really are strong.

I'm never beating the newest puzzle event, I got 5 of the answers but holy shit is this difficult.

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It is hard to explain, if we didn't have 2 parts per update, right now we would be on update 42.0 instead of 21.0 if that helps.


This has the potential to become my favorite visual novel OAT, I mean it already is in the top 5 haha. I see the LiL inspiration with the MCs viewpoints on love, and possibly some Re:Zero/Steins:Gate inspiration with the regression that is going on. I also love how unique the transitions are between scenes, hopefully I am right to say they are inspired by monogatari. If I'm correct by these inspirations these are all some of my favorite pieces of media and I can definitely tell this is gonna get even better. I'm definitely staying on this. Can't wait for next update.

I love this game so far, all the characters are so likable and I like the MCs mentality, I also like how culture is integrated as I am half Mexican myself. I can clearly see the inspiration from my favorite VN, LiL. You probably have been told this a lot already but the only thing I find lacking is the number of typos, at times it makes the sentence unreadable. I'm not sure if English is your first language or not but you should get someone to check for typos.

Selebus puts the new events/additions in the updates on his Patreon, check it out because it seems he stopped posting here a couple of months ago.

I wish there were more femboys in VNs, I'm not gay but a femboy is a femboy

Your career is over

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By the newest update I mean 20.0 Part 2 btw, not a patron lawl

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Loved the newest update, I feel like I understand a lot more about Sensei's character although what he did was absolutely horrible. I think the part that caused me the most unease in this update is how affected Sensei is to find out he seemingly had no regret for what he did, like we probably have never seen Sensei affected by an event to the point where the girls even notice it and how much he was trying to delude himself into caring because he is a "good guy".

Weird glitch, I just tried to headpat Kaori and I got sent to the main menu

I relate to you, I know the feeling of loving a thing so much but a single character/thing overlaps your love with hate and makes you not want to consume such media. Although I can't relate to you in this scenario because I love Sensei's character but hate him as a person. I even cringe at Sensei's actions, I swear like every update I have to take off my headphones and just stare at the screen blankly to prepare myself for the traumatizing bullshit he is about to pull off on one of the girls

Also will bazrel eventually become our stand eventually? lmfao would be hilarious if that actually happens

Actuallly amazing wtf I was not expecting this when I first downloaded this game

The MC is literally what makes the game, dude is so cynical, and the fact he only seeks self-satisfaction is what separates this game from other garbage fap material vns. I hate him too but I also love him, he is by far my favorite part of the game and the part I hate the most, it is a paradox for me. It must be different for me because I've always loved psychological elements within stories and Sensei's outlook on life and morals is one of the most unique things I've seen.

I always wondered what Sensei's monologues reminded me of, I remember it reminds me of the manga "Goodnight Punpun" the overly descriptive uneasiness it provides is so alike.

Will there be an option to turn off pubic hair? 

How is sensei gonna fuck up Rin's relationship now?

just save at the scene and use quick save to make actual saves

I definitely see the inspiration from LiL and I am all for it, solid start and I hope to see more. :) 

The quality of this game will increase by like 100% if you fix the grammatical errors. There are a lot of them.

Hex has nothing to do with the answers to the event, still recommend you translate it though. Also try to translate the Caesar's cipher text as well. Regardless the answers are found in the surroundings, don't pay attention to the text box.

Telling us what events you are missing might help. The most likely case is that you are missing a happy event.

It sucks that I can't help because I'm pretty sure Selebus deletes comments that give out too much. So I will give you this hint in hopes that it isn't too much. All the info needed are in these events: "Word of The Day" and "Something Everyone Knows and Ignores". Hope this helps.

Honestly I think that the description is part of the charm, when I first downloaded it the happy events scared the shit out of me and probably without the vague description it wouldn't have had the same effect

I respect you for choosing the brony option, there was absolutely no chance I was ever gonna pick that.

To be honest "There was nothing" was like 10x harder than this and if you can solve that there is no way you can't solve "Word of the day"

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The event is really easy to clear because all of the necessary parts were added within the update so don't try to look into other events outside of the update.

That shit he did told Io about his relationship with Chika during dorm wars tipped me over, and after that his little monologue which gave the reason why he lied. Yikes. Still I feel like he makes the game for me, I don't like his personality but I find it very interesting and is a big reason I keep coming back each update.  

There is a wiki that shows how to get most events