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Is anyone else having a hard time changing the volume of the game? 

Edit: mobile

it works very nice haven't found any bugs yet 

There's not going to be a mobile version stop asking

For the whole first night it was just a black screen the only thing that showed up was power %, usage:, time, night, and phone guy apparently I died at 5 am but I couldn't tell who or what killed me (on mobile)

Does anyone know how to do lvl 6?

Its ok to stop and chill maybe take a vacation

Sense this is canceled what's the plan for upcoming stuff

Global Mutation community · Created a new topic Android

Not able to find the button to interact with stuff

As soon u hear a beep of start time ur gonna need to be under 20 seconds to win

Ive got to the end and was wondering if ur going to add more to it like new characters or animations

Welp i tryed mobile the camera movement is annoying once you try to turn it move cam up it goes to top view in seconds well spinning same with down but I tried to put it back to normal its impossible so I'll download windows instead till that's fixed 

I gonna assume that the android download is in testing still

Hole Dweller community · Created a new topic The 7z file

what is 7z?  how do I get the game to work?

Funny how it works on mobile down side its slow but that it

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For the 500 ghoul i though it would do more than the spider turns out by it self it only do 2 bags im gonna assume that was a joke ghoul

I lost count of how times i played this 0.10.4 build so now im playing it with bugs but going tell you about them because these bugs are funny and fun to use (you can find out the hard way or wait till next year when i say what they are)

21? Isnt it supposed to say 18+

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I feel like the question we should be asking is did this get discontinued?

This looks like one of those mobile games

The game runs fine on win 11 i see no problem

I'm on mobile it works just fine if u set it to decktop site problem is ur phone will start to heat up and it crashes 

There's got to be a way to make these work without flashplayer im using and that's not working

There should be more than what it shows

I'm on the galaxy S9 with the same problem

When the next update?

I made it to the select character screen on phone and thats all loading is nice at least