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no <3

( honestly? i've been busy, so writing hasn't been my top priority lately. )

haha it's no worries! it might be a positioning issue on my end because i think i just have the return button layered directly on top of the other back button, so it's possible that you somehow managed to access the original back button instead of the return one. it's a shortcut i took that's apparently not as flawless as originally thought, so thank you for bringing it up regardless :)

hello, thank you for reading & your kind words! for the codex issue, there should be a "return to game" button that shows up in the upper right of the screen even on mobile that brings you directly back to the story instead of having to backtrack manually. if it's possible, what browser do you use & what are the dimensions of your device? i'll try to keep it in mind for my next update, it's probably a positioning type of issue haha

dgkwbdn thanks for bringing it up, i honestly didn't notice it happened! truly fascinating the amt of free time ppl have to be petty, wish i had some of that time and energy so i could get more writing done lmaooo

hello! i wrote up a small tutorial on tumblr for customizing the template - instructions on changing the toggle icon should also be there, so hopefully that helps !

thank you for your comment, i'm glad it lived up to your expectations !! i've also edited the cc dialogs so that it's clearer to input custom answers (pronouns, some custom appearance colours), so hopefully this solves that little design input problem for people :))

ahh glad you enjoyed it! thank you for the add! :)

hehe i'm looking forward to getting the updates out too! thanks for the comment !!

thank you so much!! i've tried to make it as customisable as possible while not cluttering up the stats too much, i'm glad to hear you're enjoying it !! :))