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hmm, seemd not to work in my case. I'm playing two animations during my action sequence. Now I just have to adjust the position of the anims. However after apply > OK > save > reload, my action sequence remains the same. Perhaps this plugin doesn't reload everything but only common events?

Oops, I forget I already bought this pack on Feb. 7, and I just pay for it again. Can I get a refund? Thanks. I'll buy your next pack anyway. ;)

Hey, I've said I would buy your monsters on rpgmakerweb, so here I come!

Just one question, when is the next pack coming out?

BTW, you forget to put gaja pack on

Will there be something like ”all access key” ? So I can buy everything for my MZ in one time.

I see. Thanks for replying. BTW, could you make some more anims for physical attacks, like slash or punch, something not too fancy. I saw you've made a slash anim, but I'll probably use it for a Fire Sword or Power Sword, but not for a short sword. ;)

Hello, I would like to know when I buy this, what animation I can get? Is there any preview?

I think you would like to use the character 雪, instead of 霏. 霏 is an uncommon character nowadays. I only see it in the textbook, or someone is quoting ancient literature. Just my thought.

Good animation! I'm looking for your new creation. Maybe you can do some normal attack. MZ default animation is fine, but something simpler would be also nice. After all short dagger, short sword, short ax, and wood staff deserved something. ;)