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You should write a camera follow script, or use cinemachine, instead of attaching the camera to the player object.  The game looks cool, but I can't play it because the camera is moving with the player character.

right after I posted some monsters showed up..... go figure right?

been playing for awhile but nothing is happening

Game failed to launch?

VERY fun, Im having a good time playing it,  a brief tutorial explaining how the weight system and everything works would do wonders

LOTS of fun, keep going!

This game is beautiful beyond comparisson, please keep doing what you do and inspiring people like myself to keep trying

I was trying to get something done, it was my first jam and I couldn't nail an idea down and life got in the way as it tends to do. Stuff like this is really inspiring and makes me excited for the next Ludum Dare

Amazing message, I love it

controls don't work properly, A starts the game, and pauses the game, right trigger closes and B messes up my machine