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Thanks so much for the video! Sorry about the audio, but we love seeing other people check out the game!

Thanks for checking out the game, ANyden! Glad you enjoyed it!

This game is a ton of fun, looks great, sounds great - favorite of the jam, awesome job!

Thanks PolyGryph! Glad to see that the dark and brooding nature of our mustachioed, Cowboy-hat wearing bus protagonist wasn't missed...!

Thanks for playing TracteurBlinde! That was the first mechanic we added to game, it can be a lot of fun launching your way from one window to the next.

Thanks FluffeyPanda, glad you enjoyed it! You're a great shot with that revolver!

Here's my personal best time. Think you can beat it?

Please view the game page for more details, and don't forget to check out the How To Play menu! Hope you enjoy the game!

Good, that means it's working.......

This is incredibly overdue, but thank you so much for playing the game and sharing your experience! It's always great as a developer to get to see people play your creation, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. As far as I'm aware, a year later and you still hold the world record for fastest speed run!

Thanks for trying out the game, Rockario! Glad you enjoyed it!

Hi all, first time posting to this community. I just released Desert Bus: Road Rage as part of a two man team for the Desert Bus for Hope 2018 game jam, and I'd love for the opportunity to hear some more feedback on the game.  If you're looking for a real challenge, or just something to help you vent your frustrations, then this is the game for you.

I highly encourage everyone to read through the How To Play on the main menu before playing the game! If there's something in particular you're having trouble with, feel free to reach out to me in the comments. Thanks for taking the time to check out the game! 

Desert Bus: Road Rage is available for download here:

Thanks Darkexior! Glad you enjoyed it!

My personal best time for the game is 81.75832 seconds. Can anyone top that?

You can view the game page for a description of the game, and I strongly encourage everyone to check out the How To before playing! Happy Desert Bussing!

I must know; is there always at least one possible correct choice? I got 4/5, and then on my final excursion to the lavatory, on that fated day, there were 4 Quizzies and the last stall was filled with goop and didn't allow me to enter.

Really pretty game! Great style. I seem to get stuck after a point where the bus driver doesn't accept my input anymore, but I can't tell if anything in particular causes it.

Hey, I think the method your start button is calling is missing out on a scene transition, I can't seem to escape the main menu.

It is a lovely main menu, though.

View the game page for controls and game information! Thanks for checking out our game :)

Thanks, tripley! Glad you liked the game! The box physics are a little iffy, but for the sake of the game jam I worked with what I had. For the keypad, I will say that 1337 is not actually the answer, despite what the screenshot might suggest (lol). It is, however, a four digit number, and the first number is 3.