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I must know; is there always at least one possible correct choice? I got 4/5, and then on my final excursion to the lavatory, on that fated day, there were 4 Quizzies and the last stall was filled with goop and didn't allow me to enter.

Really pretty game! Great style. I seem to get stuck after a point where the bus driver doesn't accept my input anymore, but I can't tell if anything in particular causes it.

Hey, I think the method your start button is calling is missing out on a scene transition, I can't seem to escape the main menu.

It is a lovely main menu, though.

View the game page for controls and game information! Thanks for checking out our game :)


Thanks, tripley! Glad you liked the game! The box physics are a little iffy, but for the sake of the game jam I worked with what I had. For the keypad, I will say that 1337 is not actually the answer, despite what the screenshot might suggest (lol). It is, however, a four digit number, and the first number is 3.