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nah i meant like when you compare it to other games, for what this game is imitating the graphics are awesome but when you compare it to other titles that release it is  a bit worse

this is proof a game doesn't need good graphics to be fun


i wanna make a  video on this game is that ookay?

oh my thats low resolution

if its your computer how does milkman fix??

can make mac you

im going to download this

pretty neat game, don't know what the actual gameplay has to do with rick but it's amazing none the less!

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imagine being on macos

cant be me

player 1, 2 , 3 and 4 were just quiet while steve was trolling a zombie. thats something that never happens when you want to make a youtube video with your 5 year old friends

can you make it so that dead bodies dont get deleted and just pile up that would  be op



its still stuck inside. I really want that car outta there. what a waste of time for a model 3.

glitched my car into a ramp so ive been smashing every other car in the game to get it out. The model x(i think) did some real damge be pushing it back a bit but also destroying the car itself

there was around 10 billioin goose messing around on my screen and my mouse was stolen every 5 seconds. For about 5 seconds. Then it crashed

can you add the cyberquad. i know its stupid but imagine going 300km in a kids trike

right click and then extract

can you make a beta version for mac pls

not f5 something else, f5 cant be used on mac

whats the purple car called?

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I just realised it is wonky because of  my bad driving. I crashed the car completely in just one hit. And the second, that was all just the roadster. But the lighting is too bright, also, its nice to see that the 'bigger one' actually takes less damage when crashing compared to the smaller cars like the 3 which died after one hit and now it looks like a lemon designed by musk

the games really good and fun. i really liked it but i do prefer the old colours

download the app thingy.

loved the game,   but i have a few recommondations.

Firstly, the roadster is a bit wonky looking. Maybe its my computer, but just in case, can you figure out why?

Also, the cars are really slidey. There is like no control. And the turning is kind of delayed but it is still very good.

Lastly, the lighiting is a bit too bright, it would be nice for you to fix that. Thanks.

definitely don't download the same file a billion times on a mac and then open them all.

i did that once lol