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Caverns of Heresy

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Thanks for checking the game out! Glad you're enjoying it.

1. Yeah - as you level up, you'll be casting spells at higher damage and healing values, so those miscasts will also hurt more when they fail. Same concept for attempting to attune and conjure magic items.

2. An example of this would be if you rolled a 3 on the Action column, which is "Combine". You "combine" more than one thing, so you could roll multiple times on the Object column to determine which things are combined: maybe you roll a 2 and 6 on the Object column, Water and Mind/Senses, which you interpret as gaining the ability to know where the nearest source of water is at all times. This is also very much an interpretable thing, so you could also just roll once for an Object and then use your surroundings for the other object to combine...totally up to the caster and how you want to handle those situations.

Hope these help. Feel free to ask more if needed!

Yep no problem! Hope you have fun. Also just a heads up that I updated the main description to include my thoughts and design decisions while working on this.

Hey there! Yes, the game is totally meant to be open-ended and interpreted in a way that you feel is appropriate and useful. I've purposefully chosen to lean more toward the design and aesthetic than specific mechanics or rules.

- By "Execute", I mean "perform an action" or "do a thing". When your character tries to do something and there are unknowns about how the situation would play out, roll 3d6 to see how poorly or perfectly the attempt was. These ranges are purposefully vague to allow for open-ended and reasonable on-the-fly decision making.

- The magic table is a free-form spell creator. When casting a spell, roll 2d6 to determine the action and object of the spell. For example, you may roll "Summon/Create" and "Mind/Senses", which you could interpret as "I gain the magical ability to sense the presence of trolls." Everything else is left up to you to determine how, when, and all that stuff occurs with magic. Do spells come from wands? scrolls? innate abilities? how successful are they? does it do damage? or heal? All of this is for you to play with and do what you want with.

Hey there! I thought I'd let you know that has a few copies up at their website now.

Ah, you're still in luck! There will be some copies available soon at . They should become available whenever their shipment arrives, hopefully next month. I'll make a post about that when they do get added to their site.

Hey thanks for the interest! I still have some physical copies available through my Big Cartel shop:

A fantastic art pack with a consistent and representative aesthetic for darker, doom-y vibes. 

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Great work! I find myself more gravitated toward class-less systems, however, your brief, open, and straightforward approach is a great way to handle them. Also, really digging the additions of the simplified bloodlines and monster stat blocks.

Thanks for checking it out!