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REAL GOOD. There's an interesting inversion of "cosmic" "horror", both in the direction people look to find the unknowable, and the way it makes one feel. The concept of the "sublime" is an originally Romantic term to refer to the feeling of insignificance in the face of something incomprehensibly vast, and imparts both terror and joy but, where many explored the idea of vast lifeforms as an extension of that terror, this is an expression of acceptance, curiosity, and ultimate love (in spite of or even BECAUSE of how alien it is). I like it a lot!!!

This is beautiful!! The way the player's gravity changes to match the surface is really unique, but I was surprised how quickly my brain got the hang of it. My brain learning to naturally a make 2d map of a contorted 3d space was a feeling I haven't had in a game before, and the selection for color schemes between levels was evocative of a lot of ~extra-dimensional~ game settings without being foreboding or derivative.