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I love that your games always have a very Teagher Studio's feel to them if that makes any sense? Like the little messages and the style, and especially how well crafted everything looks. Your games always bring me a lot of joy no matter how simple <3

Minor Spoiler Warning!!!





I know how dramatic it is to say that this brought tears to my eyes but I was just not expecting this level of depth and storytelling when scrolling through the yandere tag. My mind is often consumed with questions about the universe and people like how do we develop empathy  or what grounds us to this world and each other. In this game this is a theme that is explored deeply as Ray struggles to find something to hold onto and preserve his humanity. I truly believe that at some point in our lives we all struggle to find purpose in life or reason to care for others. It is something ingrained in us from the time we are born, its something we all know but to understand it is something one is required to do on their own, something Ray was not given an opportunity to do.

I could talk about Ray alone for hours but still I feel it needs to be said how human ever character is made to feel. Miles, Haley, even Double. I think that is what I look for most in a game, I want to feel the humanity of it, the thoughts and hopes that became lines of code and brush strokes and I can say without a doubt that's what this game is.

This was a bit of a garble of thoughts cause I'm tired but uh I really liked the game <3

The binary code you see at the end of getting Dr. Yu, I won't spoil what it says for other people but its already making me have theories.

Golly, that's a strange thing to say in binary, I'm sure nothings amiss though :)

Excited to see what's next!

This game is everything it intends to be and is executed perfectly. The fact that your choices have such an impact and that you can make so many creates a great sense of immersion and makes for far more engaging gameplay and is something I think bondagebunny has mastered. For anyone just getting into erotic horror games I would suggest starting here since its a good way to dip your toes without getting too violent/graphic. This is all to awkwardly admit that I bought the game and got all 38 endings in one sitting because I lack self control...

It's simple and fun and honestly just a perfect little timing game, love your stuff <3

I wanted to let you know that I really really love this game. The entire experience is just the right amount of unsettling while still curious and the ending made me hit myself. I'm so excited for whatever you do next!