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This is what it shows when I press download :(

I finally finished it and got all of the letters and this was SO FREAKING GOOD!!  And it was free to play, so bonus points for that! 10000000000/10 💛💛💛

Where can I get it on mobile/iOS?

Where can you get it for apple/iOS? That’s is, if you can get it for apple/iOS..

:( It’s not free but understandable because it’s so good

This game is so amazing I can’t even say how good it is honestly.

*Looks at bible*

Huh, ironic isn’t it?

It’s hard on mobile, but still playable so far!

There are more crab themed games in this game jam than I expected.

I thought 0, there are 2 that I’ve seen so far

Why isn’t there a skip button for the crab wars intro I’ve watched it three times now help me

I am extremely depressed that I couldn’t find the crab YouTube channel now.

lol I’m addicted to the crab clicker game, but I have nothing better to do so…

There are more crab games than I thought for this game jam lol


*Moth noises*

Om nom nom I like your shirt

I love the title you named the video

(1 edit)

The “floor cheese” is for mice, and are actually poison

Edit: You needed to give him charcoal from the fireplace to help him

The creator said that it was difficult to catch them in the video they made of the process of making the game

I saw this on gacha wolfie lol I can’t remember their name’s channel :) it’s pretty cool but I can never seen to ge them to actually work and stuff

I downloaded it as a .zip because I use apple

Do I have to delete gash club so I can have the mod?

After I download it, what do I do?