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I'm so glad for this! I thought the game is very simple and not much of a game really, but it holds a lot of symbolism, and I'm glad it shines through!

I loved some of the lines like "Your spouse appreciates the field being gluten free!"

Fun and funny game!

This game was adorable! I loved the end!

Growing vegetables to put in a rainbow powered time machine is awesome! Sounds like your full game idea will be even better!

Love it so far! Can't wait to see the full game!

Cool idea! I love making everything colorful!

This is a really well made game! Love the music and sound effects, the art, and everything!

The weird respawning glitch was indeed a bug, and I have hopefully fixed it! Thanks for taking the time to play all the KenneyJam entries!

I loved this! Very cute story!

Yeah, that sounds great! A few little additions like you mentioned and you have a full game... just watch out for feature creep!

This was really good! My favorite game of KenneyJam so far!

This kind of gameplay makes for a really fun game. Good job!

This is an interest concept! Well done!

This is difficult! I love it!

This plays really well! Well done!

This is well done! Nice game!

This was a really clever idea, and it played really well!

Hi everyone! I'm a ruby developer by profession, but I don't have a lot of experience with game dev. I've been practicing a lot with unity programming (C# and mostly 2D) and I would love to work with a more experienced unity dev if possible. I'm really interested in becoming more familiar with unity workflow, best practices, working with a team, and project management ( especially small projects like game jams!) I'm especially interested in rainbow jam, but would like to help out someone else more than trying to make everything myself this time around.

Best place to find me is discord: catslife#9605


This was a lot of fun, and the boss was difficult!

Yes! I wanted to make something like "snake" where the more points you get the harder it is!

This was really well done! I love the main character!

Adorable, and also difficult! I like it!

This reminded me of the animal crossing coffee mini-game. I loved it!

I loved this! It was adorable and awesome! Also, it made me want cookies.