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i'll allow it, because it reminds me of how "isaac" in angels of death has "zack" as a nickname!

seedcomp is an interactive fiction event where crestors make "seeds", or ideas (could be in the form of comics, game formats, artwork, music, whatever the hell), and in the second half, writers use those seeds to "grow" a game! mine, then, is a list of random warnings i've seen on games and fanfiction before that can be used to "grow" a game in the second round

i will be putting all of these in my mouth thank you

hi! thank you so much, this is such a sweet comment!! i'm glad you loved it! zack, the voice of dorian, sent me the tiktok and it definitely brightened up my day at work!

i also saw your comment about keychains and stuff, and i do plan on releasing a design for december or january!

somehow haven't commented yet that i need this bitch with a bad bob IN MY BED!!!

AHHHH thank you so much for this comment! i really appreciate it.

i ADORE vkei and malice mizer, but dorian wasn't inspired by it. i originally made dorian in a lobotomy corporation OC picrew, and he kind of spawned from there. maybe in another game i'll give him something more akin to kozi's outfits!!!

this has to be one of the most polished pieces i've seen in this sphere in recent months! every part of this is so engaging and beautiful. i'm looking forward to whatever comes next! you deserve all the love in the world, dear

what if we held hands and went to the park together

i will probably be uploading a guide for that soon! my hint is you can get the ending by getting one of thr endings multiple times. womt say which !

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Hi! There are no plans to put this or Fatal Focus (because you commented on both) on Steam. The initial $100 cost and the effort that must be put in to upload to Steam is not worth it to me unless it's a commercial project.

I didn't think to add gamepad support to a visual novel.

hey y'all. good to see the entries so far! i've had to remove a few spam ones, but thankfully, the submissions have been pretty clean. THEY'RE LOOKING REALLY GOOD, AND I'M PROUD OF YOU!

just a reminder that this jam DOES NOT have a prize. the purpose of the jam is to make something in a short time. it's a lesson in scope. it's for fun. maybe you can put this game on your portfolio.

now, you may be wondering: oh, i can't finish the game in time! but i want to submit it for the jam! 

if this is the case:

  • DM the user catsket on discord. that's me! if you can submit your entry 72 hours after the ending time, then i will allow you to submit it for the jam. 
    • this would require me sending you a specific link to submit, so we need that communication.
  • if your entry will take longer than an extra three days, i will not allow it to be submitted. PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR PROJECT TO ITCHIO ANYWAYS! it will just not count for the jam

good luck everyone, and happy jamming!

this is a jam to just make games and have fun!

perhaps next round! i do jams every month

i opened it, had one guy be annoying, and just said "im not in the mood" and closed it. felt like in the end, a discord wasn't really necessary for a week jam. maybe for the next one if i can get mods! :D

nah. don't feel like running one lol.

You can still submit! I give you the okay.

short, sweet, and funny. MILF manor watchers unite.

as usual, kristi's art and writing blend together for a really warm story about acceptance and joy. it's really refreshing to watch a conversation between two sisters who support one another in their gender and identity. you don't get that a lot, and it's really nice to see. kristi never misses!

i sure hope not...!

whoops! thought i fixed that! will be editing shortly.

yes! you can make anything, as long as it's allowed on!

finally i can ponder..

i had the fortune to playtest this, and let me say, it's even better at a full game.

as with a lot of people here, superheroes aren't really my thing. marvel has burned us out in its supernova, and the "dark side of heroes" stories like the boys are too edgy for me. i think what makes binary star hero compelling is its focus: on people. it is not hugely a focus on the roles of villains and heroes, on the aliens with no name which attack the city, on even binary star himself. it's a desire for people to be people. the protagonist's desire for a normal life away from their kpop mafia-like villain in crime. the desire for haley to live without the heroes. the desire for ray to get coffee and have a personal life. the desire for miles to help people. the desire not for a life of crime but for you from double. the superhero stuff is important, but it can serve as a backdrop to "everyone here needs therapy, actually, and a warm cup of apple cider."

ray is a very compelling character. oh, to be human, to be normal, but to also cling onto the mask which has brought you adoration. i very much enjoyed the art of him, his slips into his superhero character, and his desire to just pet cats and drink coffee.

haley was probably my favorite, though. i love green. i love a good villain doing it to piss off the rich. they were probably the most reasonable person in this whole game. really loved every moment with them!

concrete's art and writing are absolutely stunning as usual. feels like a real comic book. paired with zach's wonderfully fitting music, i was immersed the whole time.

thank you for this!

this is such a sweet, sweet comment! thank you so much!!

thank you so much!!

thank you so much!!!

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this was psychic damage that was dealt upon me like a calling from zeus. this reminds me a lot of kin circles i was in between 2015-2017. eerie, inhuman, soul-sucking. reminds you a lot of being anxious over people who behaved a certain way just for control. having to talk down people whose names and faces you don't even remember anymore, just that they kinned so and so from this and that.  knew lots of teens my age at the time who acted like this. so, you suck for reminding me of this (joking) but thank you for also highlighting a part of internet culture that i felt i hallucinated.

i love yuuri. this was extraordinarily sweet.

been watching old IVL so seeing dou5's dongX struggle with pre-rework ann and then finally win coa with her is really sweet. GG sweep!

im glad this is an experience that seems to resonate among fans, whether they've dropped the game or not!

this was a really beautiful experience. there's something melancholy about this world in the bleakness of a broken moon and a stopped heart, but it's also full of life. the writing is beautiful, the art is beautiful (reminds me a lot of those PC-98 games), and the ambience is haunting yet fitting. rose and violet's dynamic is warm, with rose's witty monologues and violet's stubbornness to hide something soft. daisy is fantastic in their own right, and the use of daisy bell and the recounts of rose's bunny are very, very sweet. the use of heartbeats and temperature frame ren'py's UI in a way i've never seen before and am loving nonetheless.

this game is gay. gay as hell. its comforting in its flashbacks and in its presence. and i love it.

the town is alright. this is routine. thank you so much for playing!

this is very sweet! thank you so much!!!

this is such a sweet comment! thank you so much! ;w;

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you and leo absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one for your first game. i loved the art and the writing, and marcelo is such a compelling guy in such a short time. i hope you guys make some more little games in the future. this was...WOW!

I LOVE TAS WITH ALL MY HEART! this is simple, but your art style is super effective and super fun. thank you for creating this little gem!

OH HERMY I LOVE THIS! max is such a cool character in design and in his little ramble of thoughts at the ending! i hope to see him again. 
also i do want to let you know that you did write "pla0ce" instead of "place" in the script.

THIS IS SO SWEET! it is genesis at the end! i may not have mentioned his human daughter in the demo, but she's a big part of his route. the eye can represent whatever you want :3

genesis is aware of the cult barely. it's the result of a string of concerts he did in the 70s. but you can interpret it as death herself finding genesis, her god, even if she's out of it. 

your words are always so sweet and i love this comment dearly!

genuinely so obsessed w this

ah manon this is such a sweet comment!!! thank you!

GRAHHH everything you make is always so tender. i felt like i was in a fantasy period piece. even with hell's molten heat clad behind buttery soft leather gloves is a line whose heat i felt. despite its (literally) steamy nature, you managed to write something sweet at its core. good use of colors makes readers feel the love and passion. i adored this.