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ew get away from me you 7 year old kids channnel get away

wow, this is the most inspiring comment i have ever seen! WOW

we will never forget the original brad games, on scratch. oh also im s12710844

if anyone hasnt checked his alt yet, check on! his username is the same on there. he needs more recognition on there.

also it isnt on amazon appstore just in case you didnt know

okay, sorry

congrats on having merg play your mod! he is a semi-famous youtuber.

hey innersloth, a lot of people are getting mad about this game because of its price. how about you get the old version of among us for free on itch?

how about you go to the older version? that one is free

ahem he is probably on pc not everyone has a tablet you know

i understand your problem with money, but no need to get mad. after all, innersloth has to get money somehow right?


music be like  da da a o, BEEP also lvl 17 go brrrrr 

im sure at some point they will, but i think their main priority is tankman rn.


HOW LONG CAN WE JAM community · Created a new topic Erm

I joined thinking it would be quick. It would not be quick. but then again i do have check that out clicker fans it can go really fast like brr

BenBonk I have a formal issue I must speak of; the first level is just about impossible. even with my intellectual skill it is hard. I got it once on my 18th try but died to the last milk. Please make the game easier.

we're all losers provided with impossible games


Most people who play this mod are children, and don't have an email. that makes it hard to actually find a website that will give you the IP stuff for online multiplayer, so could you just have it connect to the internet and look for lobbies? there could be private lobbies too. I still can't find a way to enter anyone else's lobby.

cat game jam you make a game that has something to do with music and a cat main character

tbh idk if anyone will

i just like cats

lol r u gonna join

oops i gotta remake it


hey im hosting a game jam wanna join?

i just played around with senpai phase one appearance in thorns and mid fight masses copied the spirits code that makes them like kinda have alternate versions of themselves doing whatever they did last. or they at least look similar in that way.

hello cottonkitten, i just joined itch! this game looks cool, and i have high hopes for it, bye!

the debug menu is cool. when i used it i found out pico has some miss animations! maybe we will see soon that he is a playable character?!?