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Aww very heart warming! I enjoyed this. Nice and simple, but just like your previous game, I can tell the story is very deep. Great work!

HELLO! This was so cool! I'm really impressed with the large amount of world-building you did in such a short time frame! This was really well written and super interesting... I would definitely be curious about a series. As always your pixel art is on point👏 You did great with the music too!

That I would have to calculate based on how long the tile set would take me. Would you be looking for something similar in scale to this set but custom?

Awesome! Glad you like it! And yes I do commissions as well. You can find details on my ko-fi: and for anything that might fall outside of those guidelines you can email me at 

I honestly just thought it was normal lol but then when I was scrolling Twitter I saw your screen shots. Regardless I think this is pretty solid and I’m glad that you got it up and running! Great work friend!

Sure! Here's a video for you!:

I did some testing and it looks like changing the size of the screen can cut off the sides of the walls?  If I keep the window small to start, I don't have that problem. When I played this originally, I made the window larger at the title screen, so I couldn't see the side walls at all. Also it looks like if I resize the window the walls can sometimes disappear?

Oh gosh, I just realised from the screen shots that due to my screen resolution I didn't see the walls along the side! So that's on me!

So glad to finally get to play Boulder Mage!!! I loved the story, and the art and music are amazing! My only complaint is that I wish there was more indication where the room transitions were because I would always forget.  Otherwise, super solid and I'm looking forward to more!

So glad to finally get to play Boulder Mage!!! I loved the story, and the art and music are amazing! My only complaint is that I wish there was more indication where the room transitions were because I would always forget.  Otherwise, super solid and I'm looking forward to more!

hello! Thank you for asking! Feel free to use this pack for personal or commercial use. Credit is appreciated. It would be awesome if you used them in a game jam! Please share the game when you’re done so I can try it!

This is so cute and wholesome! Also, as I played, I was curling my own hair in my hand :D Lovely little game!

Super excited to see Boulder Mage in action!!!

thank you so much!

So fun! Great job on the art! I liked the puzzles and thought this was really well thought out. I also liked the replayability factor. Overall, great work! Can't wait for your future projects!

This is so fun! I loved kicking cultists & didn't expect the coffee to attack me. Really like the concept!

I really enjoyed this! The dialogue was super clever and the gameplay was very "Game Boy". it also captured exactly what it's like to work retail. Overall great!

Hello! Thanks for pointing these all out! I'm still learning, so I value the feedback. I will make sure to note these points for future updates! Have a great rest of your day!

Nice work! I like the mechanic of slowing the slasher down with the crate! I'm excited for more of the chase!!

Thanks for letting me know! I will go give it a try and post it on this page :) I hope your hand heals quickly!!

Such a cool idea! Great concept! I also really like the dialogue and art.

I really enjoyed this!  I like the pixel aesthetic, the story was quick but effective and the music fit really nicely. I didn't expect it to have so much heart but I'm glad it does :) Well done!

I hope you feel better soon! I will keep my eyes on your page :)

I think this turned out really well! I like how your arranged the cabin. The hallways made it feel super creepy, and made finding the room with the blood extra scary!I also liked the toilet haha I didn't see the chainsaw killer, so maybe I was lucky? May I include a link to this on the page for the tileset?


That's ok! Thank you for all of the feedback! You're helping me make thing better for this and future packs :)

I fixed the doors, so those should be fine now! The exterior is meant to be just a single prop, rather than be built upon,  but I added a better outline so that it looks better. I also added some extra grass tiles so that there's some break up in the pattern. 

I also edited the sprites so they make more sense. The floating pixel was supposed to be hair, and if it doesn't come across that way, should be fixed. I also made a few tweeks to the sprites so that their designs make more sense. I can see why the lack of outlines on the feet would make it difficult to see, so I've added more outline.  The bottom of the feet don't have an outline as a style choice. 

Just going to re-upload the files now. Thanks again for your patience 🙏🙇‍♀️ I'm hoping the third time is the charm! lol

Awesome work!

This is so cool! Love the story telling and atmosphere! I was on edge! I think you did an amazing job! 

Oh I see what you mean! I edited the files and re-uploaded to make sure everything is on 1 tile. Everything should be good now.  You should be able to download it and have no trouble. Thank you for letting me know about this! This is my first tileset and I'm still learning, so I really appreciate you telling me.  Your English is great! I'm excited to see your finished game :)

Hi! I added a typescript file so I'm hoping that worked! Please download the new file and let me know if you still see the same errors. Thanks for your patience!!

I'm also not getting notifications when you reply, so if I'm slow to respond I apologize!

Hi I can't see the screen. I'm just trying to troubleshoot this on my end here... just out of curiosity, what program are you using to make the game?

Oh no? What happens?