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Very challenging haha, the window to make your jumps successfully is very tight

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This is a truly inspired mechanic, and very cool. It is hard enough though that even the early levels probably don't want the tool top to pop up after each retry though (I just wanted to dive back in and destroy that Red Giant!)

I am stumped on Level 4 though

Very cool design and the ambient sound is very well done. Maybe include a way to skip or speed up the introduction because it somewhat overstays its otherwise cute and fun welcome

Great game, mechanics, sounds, art, all of it is phenomenal.

I liked the push that the spells caused, really gave them some weight. Also was nice how the gameplay shifted drastically once the boats made it to the island.

I truly inspired, simple game. There were lots of moments that felt "like chess" where you were trying to figure out how to get a piece without leaving your piece vulnerable. The music was also very chill and sound effects and art were all great. Minor thing is it took me way too long to realize how to change what piece I was (trying to beat second level as a pawn was tough haha)

Nice game that does exactly what it sets out to do. Sound effects were nice as well.

Very hard game haha though I really enjoy the art direction and twist on the word "monarchy". The aesthetic is really great! Only being able to shoot up though limits the strategy a player could use (I spent most of fight strafing in bottom center of screen)

This is a really cool puzzle solving idea (though I am struggling to figure out how to use the Wizard consistently). Also the text speed felt very slow. The sound effects are also great though.

Chill music and aesthetic and the parachute mechanic was actually delightful and I wish the parachute always was an option to deploy. The horizontal speed of the jump made some of level 2 frustrating though. Also perhaps have a tile effect to show areas where you will die if you fall?