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Im happy that it will also be on steam! Waiting for it to be released.

Please have them on steam when finish since I dont know where to pay besides that site.

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Everything with sol was perfect it was magical it was everything I could wished for. He was my favorite, I felt their blossoming love waiting to unfold anytime or any minute. I felt their connection their chemistry it feels natural. I felt special. He even have glasses! This is the universe telling me that I could not escape my undying love for megane guys. Most importantly in his route, IT DOESNT FEEL LIKE WORK. 

And dont get start with me on dominic with black butler reference! I can see sebby in him, I feel like there is a progress in their romantic relationship I say 30% since it seems more on friendship but for me there is a hint they'll be together. 

But to be completely bluntly and humbly honest I find dominics route an uneventful one? Cause I played sol first and we already done so much even forgetting to decorate 'my' house cause we are always occupied making dominic's route ... Dull? But I guess it's cause I really did sol first before him I don't know.. But I like his cute side where he'll do anything for her even if he doesn't know how. AND MY FAV SCENE? HIS DECOR ON MC'S HOUSE HAHA ALWAYS PUTTING ON A FIGHT FOR BE THE BEST HAHAHAHA MAN I WISH I HAVE A ONE **** OF A BUTLER LIKE HIM. 

I was expecting them to be her bf but that is where the role play stands for and Alexandre didn't disappoint I felt the title because of him AND WE ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP! I was so happy, and the part when they called at night he suggesting to be on call while being asleep CAUSE IT REALLY HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE making it realistic(for me). 

KAITO IS FIVE STAR?! HOW??? HOOOOWWWWWWWWW????? all of the boys did nothing BUT THE BEST TO MAKE ME HAPPY but here he was guilt tripping me. Im glad i made him last. I RENT MEANING I PAID for him to do something and him pushing HIS RESPONSIBILITIES (THE VERY REASON WHY I RENT HIM) TO ME. What a douchebag. Forgive my attitude your eminence but im very angry at him right now And to think kaito was 5 star? It felt ironic since I didnt like his first impression of me unlike sol who deserves all the stars in the world. Or maybe im just biased towards sol. Hehe. CAN "I" MAKE HIM 1 STAR!!! 

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. And as usual I like the mc NEVER BACKING DOWN FROM AN ATTITUDE AND FIRES BACK. Im starting to live for your mcs. Im same with the mc 1 star on the first day- JUST AGH I LOVE YOUR MC ITS LIKE THEY WERE REALLY ME!!! im begging to see your other/upcoming works. 

Enemies to lovers.. touche. WHAT WAS HIS NAME?!!!!!?!?!??!! UGH U CANT DO THIS TO ME KAITO YOU WERE SO RUDE YET YOU MAKE ME FEEL SPECIAL AT THE END?! HOW COULD YOU. I just went 3 stages of love.

YOUR MC'S ARE PHENOMENAL REALLY it makes me want not too play other otome cause Ill always compare them to yours, imagining them what would they feel or react if they're made by you.

I thought that every ending they will be together "officially" but kinda or expecting it already to be not... Making me curious if the colorful full version will be the same I mean I want a romantic end for all of them HAHA. 

Your works makes me happy making me remember again WHY im playing an otome game.. and I hope Im making you happy by commenting on your precious works this is the only thing that I can do despite you giving us a masterpiece. I hope this is enough to make you smile. 

Not related to the game: This is me begging on my knees for you and your team to make a sequel of spooky.



I like the mc's attitude! She thinks rationally, yeah she is shy at times but still keep her mind at right. I think she is one of my fav mc's ever been made. Even if she is right in front of handsome men she is still able to think straight. And she also felt what I was supposed to feel learning those weird or abnormal things unlike an mc who just accepts it and act like its a normal thing.I like that about her and hoping I would come across like this mc again. 

To tell you honestly I was only going to play fab and be done with it and play another otome but I couldnt take my mind out of this so I reopen and played again AND IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST DECISION IN MY LIFE.

I went with fabious first cause he is my type but for me I think I wished I made him last, cause he is the one who "helped" me so it will feel like I was able to go home without any problem and leave with a light heart. It was like im safe to begin with that I was and still free. Idk if I make sense but thats how i will feel if his ending will be my last. I didnt even need jusepe's help. All I need was him. Even completing all of them he still remains my fav cause he was true from the very start.He also saves? Me from.millorio. 

And It was an open ending for me in eli's route cause there is a hint that I also can be a vampire cause he was able to bit me and WAAAHH I wish I saw what happens in the future where I'll see him again I want his possessive yandere attitude. Guess Ill just hope for you if you can continue this spooky ver and have them see each other again or just leave it to my imaginations HAHA.

Am I the only one who still likes Milo after everything? I mean it was his nature from the very start so I expected it. And his ending remarks "to feel free again" I WANTED TO SEE THAT HAPPEN!

An open ending for cooby!! 

I made the right choice to make jusepe second to last cause if I made him first I would not be surprised by their traits. I now know why I didnt feel any remorse on cooby cause he hunted weak people like an arrogant being and I hate prideful people the most. But im glad he changed? Anyways AGAIN it wasnt my plan to play jusepes route but the amazing plotline got me hook! It was worth it. It makes you want more of it. 

Lando's was too short! WAAHH I WANT TO SEE MORE OF HIM. 

I really feel like this would be a great masterpiece if it was longer I mean its still great, but it will be greater! Like an ending they were happy in each route? Or bad end like that. And a true end(the mc died and its all their fault or they think they killed her but she forgave all of them) and be finally free and learn from their mistakes/lifting them from their curse. This story could be so much more. I know there is the original and full version but what about this version? Instead of "you could save me" it'll be "You save me" waahh!!

Will you continue this if I beg you on my knees? hahaha but seriously, please. 

I wanted to be with noel so bad. Yes I know but its my kind of trope... I also like kana... BUT i wished there is happy end for noel and the mc .... i know he did bad things but as the mc said everyone should give a second chance. Waahhh I want a happy end with noel. 

Is this gonna be free?

does the plus already in steam?

I finished cain first and then james I must say i didnt read the summary thats why i was shocked to read a complete different story on james route. Thank you for making this free, it is a unique otome game. May I ask if the passionate ending for james cg ending is free or its also just in the plus? Because I made sure I make all my choice be fierce but I got no cg on his fierce ending. 

I finished Sachiro's route, I also got the "kiss" CG, but when I checked my gallery it wasn't there..  I already reload the scene. Is it a bug? 

I am now on Sachiro's route  and I saw one of the CG on the opening that I haven't unlocked on Zeikun's route I badly want to see that, I will experiment when I finished all the romantic ends since I am the type who would go first on the happy ones rather than the sad ones because I will feel less sad haha 

I was playing otome games since for how long I can remember but this is the first time that I created an account just to comment on one. Because this was the first otome that I waited for years and was highly anticipated to. I was so astonished to see that it was already been released since I know some creators tend to give up on their work. So kudos for you and I highly respected you because of that. I couldn't wait and didn't sleep so I am awake for more than 24 hrs haha. I started playing the route of Zeikun since the beginning at the poll I also picked him to play first, luckily i got the romance end 2. There are so many things i wanted to say to you. But to sum it all I love and wished you create more and I dont care for how long it takes to create I will wait patiently. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to play your game that took for like 5 yrs at most and it is free. There is a question though, there are now 4 endings but I only know the romance, normal and death. What is the other one? On zeikun's route there are 2 cgs that I did not unlocked I am guessing thats the normal and death end?