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Amazing game! The gameplay is fun and easy to learn. The cutscenes and dialogues are pretty fun and well made. I love the visuals! I know nothing about Touhou, but I know that I enjoyed this game a lot!

To this day I love the mechanic of controlling enemies and being able to use their abilites, it has so many possibilities. I hope it becomes a bigger Project in the future! Cheers!

Loved it! Was a big fan of the first one and was craving new levels and this one didn't disappoint! :D This time the levels weren't as mixed as in the first game which I liked about the first game, but on the other hand the levels were very distinct from one another. Great job on the Level-Design once again! Looking for other stuff you are coming up with (Mellow Meadow or something else), keep it up!

Really cool game, I enjoyed it a lot! Already a Pico-8 classic for me! I loved the whole game, but I especially liked the level design, really love how you mixed the various mechanics in an interesting and refreshing way! I wouldn't complain about more levels :D keep it up!

Very cute and heartwarming game! The feel of the game was smooth too! I'd like to see more of this :D

I am glad you liked it, thank you for playing!

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Thanks a lot!

I like the idea a lot! Fun game, I enjoyed it a lot. The visuals are cool and clear too. All in all a very good entry, great job!

Amazing game, I had a lot of fun! I think the theme was implemented very elegantly and uniquely! Seems very polished, great job!

Very cool game I thoroughly enjoyed it! Great Job!

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Thank you for playing and for the feedback! I think I'll expand this game when I get time :D! 

Thanks! Thank you for the feedback! Originally I wanted to implement items you can collect for extra points so the player doesn't simply camp somewhere, but didn't since I had a lack of time. Thank you for playing! <3

Very well done! I really liked the mechanics of this game, definitely has potential for more!

I totally agree, sorry for that ^^. I highly appreciate your feedback!

Hi, thanks! I will definitely check out your game! Thanks for playing!

Very cool little, simple game. Great concept, was very fun to play! Also really like the effects and sounds. Keep it going!