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Looks great!!!

The canteen looks really cool!!

Really cool!!!

The wrecked versions look very cool! I'd be really keen to see them for some of the other rooms furniture :D

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This is a really sweet game :)

Really cool and freaky! The town felt so real. I was so keen to find out what happens next it's like I couldn't read it fast enough haha

Aw thank you so much!!  I'm really glad it helped you :)

If you're on Windows 10 you might need to enable Microphone as well as Speech, Inking and Typing in the Privacy settings.  I'll work on getting the clickable update out as soon as possible :)

Thanks for your response!  That's a good point, I'll make the options clickable when I clean the rest of the game up :)

Nice!! Really creepy, I got a jolt of nervous energy when he was 5 steps closer...4 steps...3 steps....