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Cat Butt Games

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We discovered a small (but pesky) bug that was causing base stations to register as controllers. It is fixed in the current build. Unfortunately, as we are located in Canada, we will not be attending the showcase on Monday. Sorry!

Excellent. keegan@catbuttgames.com. Bring on the spmbots!

Assuming this was directed at me, that sounds like a party.

I feel like this calls for a spiritual fusion of Jet Set Radio and Watchdogs, channeled through the 1995 classic film Hackers.

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Hey, pals. Keegan, here. (He/him, they/them, it -- any of these are fine.)

I'm (mostly) a programmer, from Victoria, BC, Canada. I have experience working in Unity, but am a pretty capable C++ programmer (mostly in the context of SDL2 and engines/systems) if that's your jam. I also have experience working in VR, and am kitted out with both a Vive and a Rift, if you want to make something VR. I'm pretty flexible and just want to make somethin' cool.

I'm comfortable working on my own, but I'd love to help out with something, or join a team!

Created a new topic Virtual Reality

So, I realize that once you factor in the Cardboard SDK and display distortion and so on and so forth, a Cardboard VR game can never really be 1x1 pixel, but if the only rendered element in either eye occupies the full eye, is either one color or another, and both eyes match, I figure this still conforms to the jam's spirit, even if not the letter of the rules.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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I'm working on an action game. =D

Unfortunately, we're a bunch of filthy Canadians, so we won't be at the showcase. Sad face.

Thanks for giving it a shot! It all came together pretty quick, so we're glad to see people enjoying it.