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Catatonic Tv

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I wanna! I think we will as our weekly shorties. Two episodes a week until it’s done. I loved it. 😂

We played the original game a while back and I’m glad we got to play this updated version. It’s super chill! The obstacles could potentially be more of a threat but overall it’s very well made and I’m looking forward to the final release! 

Absolutely  love the concept and we can't wait to play the full version! :D

I'm OVER JOYED that you made this game! I've been following all the memes and videos, so to see someone took the initiative and make the actual game made me so happy! We're really looking forward to more! 

Gonna check out some of your other stuff too! Saw an Andy Warhol game quick which definitely has my interest! 

So simple but so fun. Happy to have played it! 

I usually dream of tacos and pizza, but damn did this make me want some hot dogs! 


Great game with a great concept! Thanks for making it!

Fun game! Fun trying to speed run and get better scores!

We didn't complete the game, but it was a good time! I love the art style!~

This was amazing! We did a series on it, this is the first episode!

Rage inducing, which means good laughs! 

I didn't think a game with this style would scare me. I was wrong! 

Loved it! Especially the physics! 

I love the creature designs! Thanks for the awesome game!

We loved this game! Fart humor never gets old! 

We played this game on our Youtube Channel! Took longer than we thought to beat it but we were commit ed! 

Loved this game! We played it on our Youtube Channel, Catatonic TV!

We played this over on our Youtube Channel and got a best score of 197!