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Dash Shoot Goal community · Created a new topic Changelog
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v1.1 / Music update / 29.06.2016

  • Soundtrack is now based on Jukedeck
  • New Credits page

v1.2 / Visibility adjustments / 31.07.2016
Following players feedbacks, we adjusted several textures for a better understanding of the shapes while moving fast

  • Ball & Characters textures updated
  • Gamepad right & left "Shoulder" buttons now properly execute actions
  • Screen resolution is adjusted automatically at launch
  • New splash screen
Dash Shoot Goal community · Created a new topic Release!

Hello world,

Really happy to release Dash Shoot Goal on Feel free to ask any question or make any comment, we're here to answer anything.

This first version of the game has everything for a great experience: fine-tuned controls, skillful moves & a dynamic multiplayer experience. We also have a "Newbie love" mode which adjusts the size of the goal depending on the score: really good way to auto-balance the game with your friends.

We now work on a second creative mode: "the Beature Mode", which will disturb the game with random events for an unpredictable challenge.

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