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When do kickstarter backers get their copy? I can't wait to play it!

I think the summer dates ideas interesting! I just hope it doesn't cause anymore extra stress on you 

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I absolutely loved this game!! I may be one of the very few but I honestly liked Marc's the best! The only thing I wish could be different was if a CG gallery was added so that I can look back on pictures of the special "cutscenes" or whatever they are called. I know you probably get that a lot but just an idea for future works!

Loved the demo, I can't wait until the full release! Speaking of which, do you have an idea of the release date since chasing the stars is out now?

Any updates on this vn release date?

I just want to say that I am already in love with this game! The graphics are so beautiful and the story is great! Can't wait for the release!