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Cat in Eight Bytes

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Yet another game by that there Nifflas, where I feel I've got to shout from every rooftop going "why aren't you all playing this you ***********s!". Neat neat neat neat neat.

Yeah, loved this - the original is one thing I kept coming back to as a kid, so love this update

Yay! I'm not usually a fan of the ol' turn-based RPGs, but I really appreciated the humour and the light-hearted nature of the story; it kept me wanting to keep exploring. Very glad I played this.

Just finished this (got it as part of the big charity bundle earlier in the year). You know what? That was charming as all heck. I'm sitting here thinking "ah man, I wish there was more of it" which I guess isn't the worst complaint to have! Thanks again.

That was excellent! I want to say more but don't want to spoil things for anyone else. It's really nice to see a bit of lateral thinking on the jam's theme as well.