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lovely game. However attack seems overpowered. I can only skill attack and all goes well

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There are 2 machines (which look similar) and one bed in this build (which appear randomly on the build button), i should probably clearify further that this is not really playable at this point, i still wanted to show off a bit :)

PS: And yes indeed i did not have the time to add pants, i am happy however i did not forget to edit out the pixely dong :3

Promising demo. Seeing forward to play "fuller" version :)

really cute game, well done!

Haha, i was so focused i had no time left for these things. You can always remove localStorage called "HomelessShelter". But there are also cheats if you want to see some more of the "game".

CTRL + F1 = Spawns NPC
CTRL + F2 = Gives you $1000
CTRL + F3 = Crashes the game :)

I would likely do it again, i was 24 hours late this time, i am sure in 48 hours i would have finished an awesome tycoon game. So a next time would definitly will be welcome :)

Love the soundtrack!

@Iramalak Hey there! Glad to hear you enjoy the game :) 

I totally considered making it mobile again, but i haven't started to do so yet (still looking at some bugs to fix). Curious, have you tried to load it in a tab in your mobile browser? To my understanding that should work offline as well once loaded. I could be wrong tho.

Anyway, keep an eye out on our Itch site mobile version may will pop up again soon.

I have written this game about 1.5 years ago, ment to be a mobile game with annoying ad stuff and everything. However it wasn't perfect and after some time google removed it. The literally thousands ads showed not even brought in $1 and my game helped to waste hours of perfect gaming time for people watching stupid ads, for literally nothing (literally as minimum payout is WAY above $1, lol)

Anyway, i had some time and rewrote it to properly work with HTML5 to put it on!

I hope you'll like it and find some use in a super pixely blackjack simulator :)