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They were indeed SNES Cartridges! 

We wanted to add them as a little touch up  to really drive in the retro theme we were going for. 

Go ham:

Thanks for letting us know about these bugs. They should be fixed now! 

PS. Lava definetly kills now.

To me this is hands down best game to come out of Week 150. Everything from game mechanics to level design has a polish level of feel to it.

Ingenious idea to use existing game and then reversing the roles. I enjoyed the game quite a lot. I would like to point out though that I had to deduce some points from inconsistent game mechanics were pipes and gun would not spawn when I intend them to. To make it feel better it should be more responsive to user input.

I can only echo what others have been saying about your game.  It's highly repayable, really enjoyable and to top it off i had no issues with the game which is rare in a game jam. Only things i can think to critize is the fact that you cant return to menu after finishing or failing game.

Your game is really nice and i enjoyed playing it.  However i found out it was hard to track where my ship was going due to its small size. Other than the minor hiccups here and there i appreciate the fact that you used a color palette in your art. It made the whole atmosphere breathtaking.

Thank you for letting me know about this issue.  I fixed and redeployed the project.

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Loved the gun play it felt smooth and nice. You have a lot of potential. I think this would be even better with bosses at the end of each level.  

Thank you! Art was done by fridge he is indeed a talented individual!

Absolutely brilliant game and outside of box thinking.