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Hi Miyukka, thank you for playing the game and taking the time to write a comment about it! 

I do have a question about the timer being limited to you. Did you feel it was in a challenging way or simply an unfair way that no matter how hard you tried, it wasn't possible within the given time?

I think this would help us a lot on deciding what we could improve on that point, because it's supposed to pose a bit of a challenge, but not so much that it's annoying to complete or even nearly impossible.

Thank you in advance!

Hello Lin Ji, I just want to start of by saying thank you for taking the time to play it!

I don't think anyone in our team regards marriage like it is portrayed in this game, we just thought it would be a fun setting to have an old druid who has a log for a wife to be portrayed in this way. It's an entirely fictional setting which should in no way be taken seriously and is just meant for the absurdity of the game as a whole.

Hope this sheds some lights on that!

Hello Pyro, first of all thank you so much for taking the time to play our little game!

If you wouldn't mind, would you take the time to maybe fill in our playtest form? This would help us a lot in what to improve on and hopefully make the game less boring!


Thank you in advance!