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Callum C.

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I really enjoyed this. :) I'll have to play again and see if I can get another ending!

I LOVED this so much, and couldn't "put it down" (haha!). WELL DONE and I really look forward to what you put out in the future!!!

I cannot wait for this to come out! I'll be the first person in line to buy! SO GOOD!

A creepy bend on reality, depression and anxiety... I really enjoyed it. It was definitely nerve wracking at certain points, but it was relatively straight forward, and quite entertaining! A really fun experience and I'll definitely be playing through at least once more!

Check out my full playthrough if you're interested:

Just finished this game and it was SO good. Thank you for making it! :) My full playlist is below if you'd like to see!

I JUST finished playing through the demo and loved it so much that I purchased the full game on Steam. I can't wait to finish it. I absolutely am in LOVE with the art style and concept of the game! Great work! :)

I was giggling toward the end. SUPER clever game, hahaha. Nice work!

I got 300 pts! Egg gang!!!

A SUPER well done, short (<20 minutes) game that I REALLY hope has a full length follow up! Well done Acke and team!!!

Absolutely ADORE this!!! I cannot wait for you to finish it!!!

Hi there! I really enjoyed what I played of the demo (I had to cut it a little short) BUT.. I did have a few things to suggest! The font you're using for text is really horrible to read against the dark background, and the text doesn't stay on screen long enough when you're looking around. Also, it'd be nice if there were a way to see where you are on the map when you pull it up. And the flashlight is pretty much totally useless because it doesn't point forward, it just points to the ground. Overall, I enjoyed the demo! Thanks!!!

Super cute game, really adorable and I LOVE the art style. It was a little short, but I otherwise have no complaints!! Congrats on the end... you really got me. :P

Legitimately one of my most favorite visual novels to date so far! And still going... best series ever! 

SO CUTE! I absolutely adored it - I'm a sucker for horror games, but sometimes you just want a mellow, well written, and excellently illustrated, fun-natured one! Thanks for delivering. Here's my video playthrough - I'm only going to post one ending, but encourage everyone else to play and find the four other ones!!!

Just finished Simulacra, and got one of the apparent FOUR endings! Guess I'm gonna have to play again! You guys did a STELLAR job on this one - definitely make more! I am in love with this genre of game right now! Lost phone horror games... who knew!

I have been playing this for seven episodes now (my latest is below!) and I am absolutely in love. I just started Hannah's side of the story and have PLENTY more to go after four hours of play time! DEFINITELY a deal for the money and it's so well written and animated! Completely in love!

The full playlist:

Here is my part 2 of Simulacra! I really hope you make a 3rd game... I'm enjoying the 2nd so much!

Super cool little game! Looking forward to playing the rest. Love the camera mechanic!

I just started playing the sequel to #SaraIsMissing and let me tell you, it is EVEN BETTER!!! Check out Simulacra, the next best thing in interactive phone horror games.

Rachel, I swear, is IMPOSSIBLE to complete in one go without a detailed instruction list! WOO. I tried seven times and just kept screwing up! But don't worry, the correct order of how to finally sleep with her once you start spoof texting is at the end. :P Censored... but still probably NSFW.

I LOVED this. I was not expecting such a seemingly simple game to be so good! Excellent job! 5/5!

Fantastic work on this game. Thank you so much! 

ABSOLUTELY love it! Finished it up today, and my finale will be going up this afternoon! Until then, here is part one... Excellent work!

It's getting down to the wire! We start the beginning of the end with the silver tuna... RACHEL! 

A little disappointed that the demo is so short and that the project seems to have been abandoned? I enjoyed the initial bits that we did get to see. I do hope you pick the project up again soon!

It's back! Katherine's Revenge Pr0n... I mean, what?! 

This game is hilariously goofy and I am so glad that I bought it lol.

I love this game so much I had to make two videos of it for my channel lol. Here are some of my favorite reactions of other folks who have played:

Saving Ashley's Privates is up. I think I've got Madison, Stephanie and Ashley done... who's next?! 

Uncovering Stephanie! 

I am loving this game. It is cracking me up and making me so uncomfortable at the same time lol 

I have been playing I believe the Demo 2 build and I am really loving it. Great job so far guys!

Nifty little thing, still a bit buggy. I've pointed out a few instances in my video! Good luck while you continue to work on it!

I had a little feedback toward the end of my video :) I think the game's got some great potential.

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I loved this SO MUCH and I'm proud to make it my very first Free Game Friday! I really hope you make more, much longer games in the future.