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Castle Game Engine

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Note to whoever reads this: the above comment is outdated. The current engine (from this page, or from features a cool visual editor to design your games visually. See .

Note to whoever reads this: the above comment is outdated. The current version on is "7.0-alpha.1", and it is good :) Still you can always get even more recent ("7.0-alpha-snapshot") version from

Yes, donating through is welcome. We have a few ways to donate, listed on .  On the main engine WWW page we focus on as this is our preferred method for donation, but all alternative ways listed above are good as well :) Thank you!

Not really. You will need to write some code if you want to do anything beyond a demo. Most of the logic is in the code.

That said, you can start with some example that gives you most of what you  need. For example our "fps_game" example (once you download the engine from , it is in "examples/fps_game/" subdirectory) can be extended a lot by just editing the data files. You can add creatures, items by just editing  respective XML files (docs on , ).

You could extend fps_game into a full FPS game without much additional code. (But you will still need something, e.g. to show "win" screen, or to code what using new items will do etc.)

Note that the engine version on is rather old now (I want to update it once we release engine 7.0). So please download engine from now. We've made a lot of new features since 6.4 release ( ) and  we work on official 7.0 release now.

The next release of this engine is already in-progress, see our news ( ) :) You can already try it, using the code from GitHub ( ).

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Instructions how to use the engine are on , in particular see the "getting started" page ( ) and the manual ( ).

There is no visual application distributed with Castle Game Engine. You usually install Lazarus ( ) to have an environment to edit and compile Castle Game Engine games.

If you expected a visual editor included inside the engine, like Unity3d editor --- I'm sorry, we don't have it yet. But we are working in it, see our plans for 2018 :)