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Very cool, thank you so much!

Haha, glad you enjoyed, thanks for playing!

You know, I didn’t think about it. Maybe it’s your choice what to name them :p

yes, i think this one’s more in line with “the great flood” rather than my more involved puzzles (great flood was fairly easy and also only had 10 levels. and had a similar art style with outlines. weird coincidence lol)

Thank you for playing!

I have made other puzzle games before - check out my profile for more. :)

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haha this is fine, go ahead! i like the video

though, did you do something to the audio? not sure if it’s my headphones, but it sounds a little dynamically compressed/echoey. if you want the original audio file you can grab it here:

I guess that makes sense. I saw some referrals coming from the GitHub blog, but perhaps some people chose to search for it on Google rather than clicking the link from the blog

oh, that’s totally fine! thank you for playing it now! I am glad you enjoyed it!

That’s a little thing called “operational efficiency,” buddy!

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Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it! The music was fun to record.

That level is definitely kind of mean, but hint ( gel pbhagvat gur ahzore bs rzcgl fcnprf erdhverq va gur cnggrea naq pbzcnevat vg gb gur gbgny jvqgu bs gur yriry…

Answer: lbh pna hfr bar bs gur oybpxf sbe obgu gur raq naq gur fgneg bs gur irel ybat funcr, fvapr gur rqtrf bs gur fperra jenc nebhaq

The slime doesn’t actually want to collect gems, he just hates gems and wants there to be none of them left in the level…

(yeah, it’s a bug, when I update the game at some point I’ll fix it haha)

haha, this was originally an unintentional solution but I think it’s kind of a funny easter egg. Maybe if I update the game I’ll fix this and add this solution as a bonus level


Hey, I’m glad you had a good time! Thanks for playing the game!

Very cool! Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! :)

Thank you for putting this together!

Haha, yeah the colors are just cosmetic to make it look more interesting

Thank you! :)

I will give your breadcrumbs to Anne-Marie, I’m sure she will appreciate it!

Thank you! It’s one of my secret skills…

Haha, I’m glad the music has been such a hit!

I’m definitely thinking about doing a full version at some point!

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Oh wow, this is so cool, thank you!

Thank you, it was fun to record!

Hey, anything’s possible ;)

Glad you enjoyed! I didn’t mean to make level 5 the hardest level lol ;-;

Thanks for playing!

Very impressive!! :)

Haha thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

Nothing in particular, the game just gets harder over time (since the snake gets longer and more aggressive), and it becomes very hard after 30 seconds haha

Well done!

nice, that’s pretty good! It gets tough past 30 seconds haha

thank you, that’s great!

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A level select screen is not a bad idea… It’d be nice to add something like that to save your spot at least for the extra levels. Maybe a level select should appear once you’ve completed the first 10 or something 🤔

edit: Okay, I’ve added a small feature so that after you’ve completed level 10, it’ll tell you how to skip to any of the bonus levels easily from the title screen.

The quote on level 9 is from the king james bible, so it’s written in an old dialect when I guess people said “lift” there instead. So, it is weird in modern English, but that is how the quote goes :o

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Thank you!

edit: also my apologies for adding 6 more levels shortly after you made this video ;-;

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing.

I wish there was a cassowary emoji so I could reply to this comment with it 😔

Hmm… maybe there’s an interaction between certain puzzle elements that you haven’t considered? 🤔