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(Replying like a year later, but!) I actually thought about scoring it that way when designing the game, but I thought it would be too tricky to make sure it was balanced properly. Maybe I should add that scoring system as an alternate mode, or something.

This was a fun little experience, with a surprising amount of depth! Some of the levels were really challenging. I like the little particle effect when you dive into/out of a wall.

I think I found a little corner-case bug, where it let me dive out of a wall into an 'unphaseable' wall. It wasn't a big deal since I could get back into the regular wall, but just something I ran into.

I like this control scheme, where you can just mash any button to fire! Very satisfying.

I found it kind of difficult to tell where the enemies were in relation to me, and judge whether I was going to hit them or not. It got especially difficult once the level started spiraling around!  Maybe having some sort of targeting line or something in front of the player would help with aiming/dodging.

¡Muy creativo mecánicamente! Lo encontré muy dificil, pero me divertió.

This is really creative! The writing was very entertaining, and the haunting mechanic was a really fun little touch. It was a lot of fun!

This is cute! I like the concept, and the art is nice. :) Am I supposed to be able to get any result other than "almost entirely unlike tea," or is that just a hitchhiker's guide reference? 

Also, it might've been cool if which plants were poisonous was randomized on each runthrough as well, so you can't just memorize it.